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25-02-07, 20:26
My name is Carin Forsén,-79. I live in sweden with my family witch is my boyfriend and our three children.
My mother came to Sweden from Finland in the 60´s.
and my english stinks:D

25-02-07, 21:09
Hi Carin,
Welcome to the Finlander Forum! and my Swedish and Finnish stinks!!! Who cares, we all have fun helping each other !

Best Regards,
Denise :D

Jaska Sarell
26-02-07, 15:17
Hej Carin,

You must be the one who asked about Emma Lovisa Johansdotter Forsander in the suku postlist.
Emma Lovisa Johansdotter Forsander b. 17-11-1876 in Terijärv is mentioned in several entries in Talko database (not available for non-submitters).
Similar data in all those tell, that she was married in America with Johan Anshelm Verner Hagland Warg (b. 6 JAN 1881 in Terjärv, d. 28 JUL 1907). There's a proposition that also she died there, apparently a false guess. Quotation: "Flyttar till Pedersöre 6 maj 1898, och sen till Amerika. Inte helt säkra uppgifter."

Anyway her parents were:
Johan Mattsson Ahlsved-Forsander b. 24 AUG 1844 in Terjärv, d. 20 MAR 1894.
Anna Lovisa Mattsdotter Österbacka b. 24 AUG 1844 in Terjärv, d. 20 MAR 1894

There's a bit more ancestors listed. Perhaps Terjärv specialists will tell you more.

Lycka till!

:) Jaska

26-02-07, 22:13
Thank you!

26-02-07, 22:19
Yes it was me who asked about Emma Lovisa. I have never heard about her being in Amerika, i know her husbant went there in 1907 , but his namne was Anders Gustav Andersson!! This is getting interesting!
How do i find the Terijärv specialist?
Mvh/ Carin

09-03-07, 17:33
:eek: Hello! im looking for a book, i don´t know what forum i should ask this question in, so i try here, hope someone could guide me to the right forum.
The books title is De Gyllene åren, Elly Sigfrids, 1990.
This book is really important to me, i can´t find it anywhere!
Elly adopted my aunt in 1952 and hopefully there is some information about my grandfather in it.

Jaska Sarell
09-03-07, 18:16
See the publisher pages:
Perhaps your local bookseller can order the book.

:) Jaska

14-03-07, 00:16
Hej, Carin!

The most knowledgeable person I know in regards to Terjärv geneology is Hasse Andtbacka. He helped me find many of my relatives there. He is a member of the SFHS. Good luck!