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Karen Norwillo
27-02-07, 21:23
Have a question about the history of this name. Was Hjulfors a farm name, place name??? I find this name in conjunction with some of my Långsjö and Långsjövatten ancestors, as well as in current use. Most of my people are listed as born Esse Lappfors or Lappfors Esse, which I'm not sure which is the correct order. The only reference I could find to the name was in Terjäv on Hiski. Esse records stop too soon. I found the name in cemetery photos in Terjärv and Esse. Can someone fill me in about the name, please? Karen

28-02-07, 12:25
Hi Karen,
Appears to be a location http://www.traveljournals.net/explore/finland/map/m1965808/hjulfors.html


28-02-07, 12:52
Hi Karen,
Found this-

THE SEARCH FOR ORIGIN AND DEFINITION OF PLACE NAMES... through the Swedish Literature Society in Finland in the 1920's. ... also farm name (Swedish "Hjulfors") in Överesse Nåddjärv (officially Södernäs). ...
sfhs.eget.net/P_articles/Pelo10.htm - 48k - Cached - Similar pages


28-02-07, 14:32
Fakta om Lappfors

Lappfors finns i Esse kommundel i Pedersöre kommun. Byn som hör till de mindre i kommunen finns på gränsen mot det finska Evijärvi. Byn finns alltså nära språkgränsen vilket har haft och har betydelse för byn. Själva by består av två delar Överlappfors och Nederlappfors. Nederlappfors kan sägas vara byns centrum. Här finns skola, butik och bank. Överlappfors som träffande nog kallas "Skoosbyij" består av flere större och mindre gårdsgrupper som ligger ganska långt från varandra. De större gårdsgrupperna (group of homesteads) är Vitsjö, Lamabacka, Kiisk och Hjulfors.
http://lappfors.web.mios.fi/document.asp?id=start-sv ..... a link to visit

//kaj timrén

Karen Norwillo
28-02-07, 15:18
Thanks Denise and Timren.
I had read June's article on place names. In the time period I'm questioning, late 1700's and early to mid 1800's, was it a farm in the Esse area? An ancestor Petter Anders Hansson Långsjö-Hjulfors, 10 Apr 1832-26 Feb 1903 was the first I found in the line with the Hjulfors name. The marriage record on Hiski shows him from Långsjö farm and his bride Maja Lisa Mattsdotter Snåre from Skulbacka farm. Some of their children have the Hjulfors name, others do not. I was curious if anyone knew when the Hjulfors name became associated with the family. I did see in June's info that there is a stream in Esse Överesse named Jukosk, Hjulfors in Swedish. Wondering if they took the name from that stream. I know the Långsjö name came from the lake near my greatgrandparents farm. Just a thought.

June Pelo
28-02-07, 16:56

I suppose you know that Petter Hansson Langsjö-Hjulfors' great grandson was the late Don Forsman, husband of Syrene..


Karen Norwillo
28-02-07, 20:55
Yes, June, I knew that. Don had contacted me years ago about our common ancestors.

Kaj Granlund
03-03-07, 20:14
Hjulfors is a farm, refering to a cataract in the river. Many of the farms in Lappfors (and the whole of Esse) were connected to the water. A river was a good way for transports as there were no or bad roads. It also gave the inhabitants fish to eat, and small animals living in the water to hunt if not for the meat so at least for the skin that they could sell.
I always use "Esse" as the place cause this is the parish. Others might like to use the town and not at all the parish.
If you prefer to have the order from smaller place to bigger the order is Hjulfors Esse (or Överlappfors, Esse) But if you want to start from the bigger unit it is Esse (maybe also :Överlappfors) Hjulfors.

Most of the farms weren't just one singel farm, but many cause the original farm was splitted between the sons (sometimes daughters too). And those farms were again splitted in the next generation and so on. Until they found that it couldn't go on like that if anybody at all would have their living from the farm.

Officially a farm name was associated with a sertain family in 1921 with the law about familyname. The main rule here in Esse is that until that the farmname was used to indicate that ANDERS ANDERSSON NN (came from the farm called NN and not to be mixed with the Ander Andersson that came from the DD farm). Rarely here in Esse a farmname followed a female or a male if they moved to another part of the parish, Then they used the name of the new area. The only ones having familynames here at the 1700 -beginning of 1800 were the priests, the soldiers, some of the poorer people that left and returned in serach of labour work. Sometimes the smiths and some others.

Kaj Granlund
03-03-07, 20:37
You shouldn't pay too much attention to the children and their differing "farm names". IF I remember correct now they moved from one place to another a lot and as the child was born as they lived in another place that's the name where the child was born. That makes it easier to find the correct child in the records of baptized if you want to look for them.
I think they moved cause they wanted to see if there were better conditons for living in another part of the town.

Karen Norwillo
04-03-07, 15:58
Thank you, Kaj. That helped to clear thing up alot. Karen

09-03-07, 01:21
The Peter Anders to whom you refer has an interesting history. He did indeed marry into a family whose farm was on the west side of the highway between Esse and Evijärvi. The three brothers who still farm the place have a wonderful sense of history, and gave Don some of the information. Peter Anders' father-in-law, through a combination of poor harvests and his own illness ( evidently tuberculosis) left the farm heavily mortgaged when he died. His son and his daughter (Peter Anders' wife) decided to sell the farm and equipment and move on. There wasn't much left after all the debts were settled. So Peter Anders and family moved into unsettled territory and carved out a brand new farm as pioneers (nyggare) at Långsjö. (Near Vitsjö)

As time passed, Peter Anders' success at Långsjö allowed him to sell the farm there and purchase the one named Hjulfors. The "Hjul" evidently stood for the mill wheels which were installed at the rapids (fors) on the farm property. One was a sawmill, one was a flour mill, and electricity was also generated, at least for the Hjulfors farm. I'm not aware of any further distribution of the power. Peter Anders' sons and daughters all helped as workers on the farm. I believe that Peter Anders fathered 38 children, by at least two wives. No doubt they died in childbirth!

Alan Hjulfors, the current owner, is well-informed on the farm's history, and has taken an active stance on preserving the river and revitalizing the farm's economy. Kaj Granlund's Esse church has excellent records.

Does this help?

09-03-07, 01:22
Sorry! Nybyggare means pioneer or homesteader.

Karen Norwillo
09-03-07, 16:18
I am related to both sides of the family, Långsjö and Hjulfors. Petter Johansson Långsjö/Langsea was my great-great uncle, he was brother to my great-grandfather, Anders Johansson Långsjö. Petter's wife, Anna Lovisa Pettersdotter Långsjö-Hjulfors, was my distant half-cousin. I had it figured out, but it escapes me right now. I know my grandmother Anna Lovisa Andersdotter Långsjö and Anna Lovisa Hjulfors were half second cousins. If I figured it out right, Petter Langsea and Anna Hjulfors were not only husband and wife, but half first cousins, once removed, through Petter Långsjövatten-Hatt, 1762-1845. Thanks for the interesting info about the family. I love it. Karen

Kaj Granlund
13-03-07, 18:56
Wow! I've heard a lot of stories and been trying to record them in my memory. But never heard that one before. Strange. But it is just something I did expect from seeing how they moved around. Gotta type that ine into my personal church database. It is alwasy fun to have some more than just the names.