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03-03-07, 09:19
We have got a steady stream of new members and that is very good. But why are they so secretive?

I fully understand that there is reason to be careful with the information that you publish on the Internet about yourself. But revealing nothing at all is a bit to careful. This is, after all, a forum for public discussion and sharing of information.

I don't mean that you should put out your addresses, e-mails or phone numbers. But it would be nice to know your interests, what families you research, other hobbies, occupations et.c.

If you are active in this forum and post questions and answers we can figure out who you are and where you live anyway. I have been a member since September 2003 so far I haven't any bad experiences from this forum. On the contrary: I feel that I have got a whole bunch of new friends and lots of help.

So be bold, step forward and say: "Hi I am N.N. and I am a genealogist. I intend to stay one. I research families X, Y, Z and I am specially interested in parishes A, B and C".

You will find that only good things will follow. You may even get help before you ask for it.


03-03-07, 09:34
I agree Sune. They don't even put their birthdays, so that is their loss - they miss out on one of my poems!! :( :confused:

03-03-07, 17:54
We have got a steady stream of new members and that is very good. But why are they so secretive?...

Thanks for pointing out this.

The member information is also only viewable to other members - no to the whole internet!

The other thing distrurbing me personally is that people tend to use secondary email addresses for Finlander when registering. This also as some kind of a false idea of self protection. As you understand the email addresses are also secure if you have chosen so during registration. And - of course - the email addresses aren't distributed - ever. The only possible emails you can get is from SFHS and Finlander.

So - please don't be anonymous in our community!


Alice Finnerty
03-03-07, 18:13
The new style of the forum is Great!!:)
I am still finding my way around...I agree that this is one of the most secure
sites I have been to and for that I thank you :)
I must admit that I have joined sites in order to see what it was about but decided that I wasn't interested to stay joined. Is There as place to UN-Join?
AND .....NO I don't want to un-join - I love this forum - but I must admit I was a bit shy at first - not any more!:D Your "Family" to me now.

03-03-07, 18:39
I think it should be mandatory to list the names being researched and the info about them. If I'd not written Kujansuu in my bio, I would not have received a lot of info from Margareta in Vasa.
Also list the country where you are living. Maybe it is time to cull from the listings people who have not posted such information and those who have never posted at all.
I found some great info for a woman on anbytarforum and found her email addy was dead. Too bad.


03-03-07, 23:05
Hello Granskare, Alice and Sune (and anyone else who contributes to this "Thread".

Well, this certainly seems to have opened up a "discussion", which, if memory serves me correctly, was what this Forum was all about in the first place.

I would like to say that originally when I joined Finlander, I did it, selfishly perhaps, with only the genealogy side of things in mind (Sundbergs - anyone out there listening/reading??), but at the same time I had no hesitation in listing my interests, dob etc. Perhaps I am too honest, or open!! Through the site, I have had some positive feedback and live in hope for more. I still very much enjoy the site, and although I cannot contribute much, or help anyone genealogy-wise (being located where I am), I do hope people enjoy my other contributions, i.e. birthday greetings, jokes and anything else which springs to mind.

Hasse and everyone connected with the site, you are doing a brilliant job. Keep up the good work.

June Pelo
04-03-07, 00:55
I, too, wish new members would post some background about themselves, especially names they are researching. I have added new people to my database when members have posted family names. And I'm not worried about anyone finding out my age (I'm sure I'm the oldest member on the Forum). When you get to be my age you don't worry about things like that. I had an e-mail today from someone in Finland who found my webpage and has been reading it. And when she saw that I have the Warg name in my family, she said she's sure I'm related to her husband - she'll send me his family info. tomorrow. So I expect to add to my database without even having to do the research! :) Jaska and I discovered we are related when he read that I had Hyytinen names in my family and since then we've been discovering more links.

Alice, I think you know my brother-in-law who has a vacation home near where you live - Bill and Marlene. They said they had met you last year.


04-03-07, 09:54
As far as the birthday information is concerned, it is not necessary to put the actual year of birth, if someone doesn't want everyone else to know their age. Just the day and month is enough to receive a poem, or greeting from yours truly. I don't care who knows that I am 21!! Sorry, slip of the finger there.

Karen Norwillo
04-03-07, 15:54
I have had nothing but positive experiences with everyone. I have found so many "cousins," distant and not so distant. My only disappointment was seeing a Sulasalmi as a new member years ago and having no feed-back from him or any contributions to the site. I would have loved to hear from him.

Jaska Sarell
04-03-07, 20:13

Just looked at Finngen archive and noticed that we "met" there on December 2nd, 1996 :cool:
That was very exciting time, when I had just started to search my paternal ancestors. Your finding of (my father's 2nd cousin) George Sundquist's article in SFHS Newsletter was the special case at the time.

Who could experience anything like that by just silently reading the postings?

Pity, that we missed to celebrate the 10th anniversary ;)

:) Jaska

Alice Finnerty
05-03-07, 04:46
Please send me an email on your brother in law - I am stumped on recalling them and their last name - now I am curious. I think we spoke of this when I order a music cd from your relative.
I was thinking....wouldn't it be fun to have a chat room too? When member come on line to the forum...just a thought.....:)