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04-03-07, 23:02

I'd be interested in how you would define the quality considering genealogical information/data. What are the criteria you find important (minimum) for that kind of information? Is it possible to gather so much data (of ancestors) that you can call e.g. a family chart "perfect"?

I'm preparing a chart for my relatives living in the States and I've got a limited time for that. Then again, I'm dreaming of a "perfect" family book which would be very informative with maps and pics etc. and very much of information of the ancestors.

What do you think?


08-03-07, 23:42
Well, I guess the question was uninteresting.

Anyway, I got an idea: I'm going to include this question to my master's thesis. The topic ascertained yesterday. It is on genres of sharing genealogical data/information on the Internet.

Yap. g'nite.

09-03-07, 04:11
I have a family tree put together for me by Margareta. In bold face is the line from my mother's mother back. But on each table there are names of siblings so one could try to find them and then find the siblings beyond that, etc, etc. It depends upon how thorough you wish to be.
I helped a guy from Sweden with his Finnish rels. He had a well known Finnish genealogist help him but that person could not get the one family which went to America. To make this short, I found them because he gave me the child's name and birthdate. The surprise was the new surname which explains why the Finn gen could not go further. So I am a stickler for copies of documents or if none exist, then at least one other source that corroborates the first finding.

Good luck with the thesis
Chuck Maki