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20-10-03, 08:00
Looking for information on the birth of Soldat Anders Lindblad.
Born 23 Nov 1767 Stockholm (according to a note in the church records. Munsala church records indicate he
moved in from Vr. Died 11 Mar 1827. 1st mariage to Sanna Johansdr Hvit.
2nd mariage to Susanna Grelsdr Karf. Have spent much time
in the Krigs arkive in Stockholm and some in Vasa landsarkivit.
Is anyone else related or working on this family?
Thanks Don Forsman

Gita Wiklund
21-10-03, 01:11
In centrala soldatregistret there is one Anders Lindblad but he is born 1767-12-28 and the wife in that record is someone else, Anna PehrsdotterSoldatregistret (http://www.liu.se/tema/databaser/search.php?id=49)

22-10-03, 04:24
Thanks Gita:
I will continue on searching.

A-M Lfdahl
22-10-03, 22:30
Maybe Pensala byforskare have some information? They have Susanna Grelsdr Karf in their records. Jarl Roos i a Finlander-member...