View Full Version : Rytkonen,Nouisiainen,Lahtinen,Hamaliainen names that may help my search

09-03-07, 02:56
I am trying to locate family/friends in Finland of Petter Huttunen born 1858 and wife Anna Karhunen born 1866. Their name changed to Niemi When entering US in 1903/1904. From around Karttula or Helsingfors.
I located a few names that were in my grandmothers belongings, some have addresses, but I really didn't know what to do with them. So I thought I would post them here and see if I get any response
Aili Hamaliainen--Paatie 3, Kaitalehti, Helsinki 84
Matte Nouisiainen--Koulukatu 16 B27, Tampere
Saima Rytkonen
Lauri Lahtinen- Kalliotie 7, Helsinki, Finland 76

Any help or information about what I should do would be greatly appreciated
thank you