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09-03-07, 03:58
Would someone with full access to the Migration Institute's site take a look for me on my great grandmother, Johanna Karppinen's passenger record and give me the dates/ships, etc. she left on? I have yet to find her on Ancestry and Ellis Island's website, and feel she came thru Canada, therefore I need the name of ship and date it left. Departure: 1 June 1901 and her birthdate was 25 Dec.1881. Thank-you in advance for assistance on this one. :)


Paivi T
09-03-07, 06:16
Hey, Denise, here you go:

Passport record
Last name Karppinen
First names Johanna Heikint.
Other names *
Date of birth . .1881
Marital status 1
Religion Lut.
Occupation Mäkitupal. tr
Home parish Liminka
Province OU
Passport date . .1901
Passport number 0
Passport valid (year:month) 5:0
Destination Amerikka
Passport issued by OU
Remarks *

Passenger record
Last name Karppinen
First names Johanna
Age or age group 18
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination Hancock
State of destination MI
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket USD 56
Ship from Finland Polaris
Date of departure from Finland 01.06.1901
Ship from England *
Date of departure from England . .9999
Ocean Line Allan Line
Port of departure in England *
List and page 12/82
Remarks *


Päivi T

09-03-07, 16:07
Hi Päivi,
Thank-you for looking up that passenger record for me. Now I remember that I did find that passenger record a couple years ago, and there wasn't a ship name or date from Liverpool (I'm guessing that is where she left from), and that is why I couldn't find a passenger record for her. Just as I thought, she probably came thru Canada, and those records aren't fun to find anyone in unless you have a definite ship and date of arrival or departure. I appreciate you taking the time to help me.

09-03-07, 19:43
Hi Paivi,
I finally found Johanna Karppinen's passeger record on the Canadian Archives and Library site http://www.collectionscanada.ca/ thanks to you!!! :D
I appreciate your help!

Best Regards,

Paivi T
09-03-07, 20:39
Denise, I'm so pleased for you, though I wasn't really much help at all, what with the passenger record only showing Johanna's departure date from Finland and nothing beyond that at all. But at least it seems to have been some sort of a workable time reference for you, so that's excellent. Sometimes emigrants sure can be hard to trace! Well done! :D :D :D

09-03-07, 20:47
Hi Päivi,
Yes, it gave me a timeline, and now I know it can run anywhere from 15 days to one month's time, usually, for the immigrant to leave Finland, go to Liverpool, and arrive in a Canadian port. I think I'm catching on now how to search the Canadian site. I appreciate it! :D


09-03-07, 20:50
I was just wondering, speaking of Canadian records, if anyone knows what happened to Art Fors? He's a wiz at finding those records, and I haven't seen any posts from him since before Christmas. I hope he is O.K.


Hasse Andtbacka
09-03-07, 21:32
My guess is that he is playing golf somewhere. They spend the coldest time of the year in a warmer climate than in BC.
We will see Art here soon again!

09-03-07, 22:53
Hi Hasse,
Great, was just concerned about him. I hope he's enjoying his winter!
Best Regards,