View Full Version : Another bad day

12-03-07, 17:03
A little guy, about 110 pounds in weight and just about five feet in length stopped his car outside a ill reputed road house and stepped out. He was bald and near-sighted he wore black rimmed glasses with lenses a quarter of an inch thick.

He stepped into the saloon, but he wasn't afraid because he was well trained and had the black belt in karate. The man, his name was Marvin by the way, walked to the bar and climbed into a seat and ordered a glass of milk.

Beside him sat Bubba, the county's biggest bully. He was six foot five and weighed well over 250 pounds.

– Hey sissy, we don't drink milk here. Go home to mammy or I'll beat the stuffings out of you, said Bubba to Marvin.

– I drink what I want and I it's only fair to tell you, sir, that i have the black belt in karate, but I fight only in self defense, said Marvin.

– Well see about that! You have it comin', said Bubba.

The two men climbed out of their bar stools and went to the center of the floor. People gave them room. The band stopped playing both kinds of music, country and western. The Marvin planted his feet firmly to the floor. Raised his hands with straight fingers in the classic karate position and shouted HAH!.

Three days later Marvin woke up in the hospital and then he decided to drop martial arts and take up origami instead.

The point? It's aways wise to try diplomacy first, even if you think you can win the fight. And don't order milk in a road house.