View Full Version : Translation of documents

Karen Norwillo
13-03-07, 15:54
I just received several documents from the Stockholm Archives that I need translated. My Swedish is so limited and I want to be sure the translation is accurate. If anyone is willing, I will get them scanned and be sure the resolution is as good as possible. I will gladly pay someone for their time. There are 5 pages of material, of which only 2 are full pages. I would be most grateful. Karen

Sören Ahinko
25-03-07, 19:21
Have you got any help? Or should I try to help you?


Karen Norwillo
25-03-07, 21:16
Thank you so much for the offer. I was able to get them translated by a lovely lady in Sweden. I am so grateful for all the generous people here on Finlander and on Anbytarforum. Genealogists are the most generous and kindest people I've ever met. Karen