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16-03-07, 00:49
Chuck asked me to post this message:

Thanks to Denise, I can give to you this instruction for the list:
To get to the passenger search thing was a bit of a hassle but I found it
and my rellys:)
I knew from Finn migration that my father's father departed Finland 1 Apr
1893 heading to Quebec so it was a matter of finding the Allen Line ship
which departed Liverpool shortly afterwards.
back to the Canadians...here is the passenger list 1865-1922 link page as
Denise gave:
Then click SEARCH at the lower left side - the others will take you where
you don't want to go :)
OK, now you have this search page which looks like the one for 1923 onwards:
Giving it too much information is something it does not like so stick with
mininums so for me that was this:
allan line

and in the lower search box I just used the minimum again:
and got this response with 6 arrivals.
Ship Port and Date (yyyy/mm/dd)
1. SARDINIAN Quebec, Que. - 1893-10-22
2. SARDINIAN Montreal, Que. - 1893-09-17
Quebec, Que. -
3. SARDINIAN Montreal, Que. - 1893-08-12
Quebec, Que. -
4. SARDINIAN Montreal, Que. - 1893-06-04
Quebec, Que. -
5. SARDINIAN Montreal, Que. - 1893-07-09
Quebec, Que. -
6. SARDINIAN Montreal, Que. - [1893-05-01]
Quebec, Que. -
For me, number 6 seemed best for a Liverpool departure of 20 April 1893
(got that from the Norwegian site which is great) So I clicked Sardinian
and then when the new page came up, clicked VIEW IMAGE. Well, that wasn't
it so I went to number 5
Go on to the list and scroll downwards. At the bottom are > and >>> so
select > for the next sheet and you go :) I had to get to image page 3
before I found them on line 18647 - V.H.Makie with wife going to US/Sue St
Finally I found somebody on a Canadian site thanks to Denise the online
wizard :D


16-03-07, 16:55
Hi Chuck,
Thank-you for the pat on the back! Glad you found your relatives! :D


16-03-07, 20:29
thanks for posting the info Hasse. I made a short test post in chit-chat and that worked so I thought I could post once again to Denise's Elizabeth thread but once again no luck so we will see if this works out for me.
I think if I post in dribbles and then do edits, I can put in big things. I'd had troubles before with postings that were large (very important of course:) but maybe things are now solved.

Karen Douglas
17-03-07, 00:42
Hi Chuck,

I think the leprauchans must be playing tricks on you. Remember, tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, and the Irish are not too fond of our St. Urho getting all the attention a day before their day!!! ;)


17-03-07, 23:32
That's it! The Irish are behind it all. And here I am listening to Irish/Scottish folkrock by a band out of Norway, the Foggy Few. Oh well, I can give up posting to listen to the band. Check them out, put the name into goggle and you can get to their very generous page

As to St Urho, he did bring rocks to Finland and it's a sad after thought because the Finns had a choice between rocks and oil :confused:
Let's see if I can add an image of the saint, Urho that is, not the other guy - can't recall his name :)

Well, can't do it but it's a nice one with purple robes.