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Gunnar Damström
16-03-07, 06:23
My aunt Hilma Kilpelä, b. October 10, 1891 in Sodankylä, aka Kilpimaa, arrived at Ellis Island May 5, 1909. According to the INS ledger she was 18 years of age and the INS official entered her name as Kilfimaa. She departed Southampton on s/s Saint Louis May 15, 1909. On the ship's passenger list her name was correctly spelled Hilma Kilpimaa. In the immitration ledger there is a hand scribbled note about her destination in the US: Aunt, and next POSSIBLY Katri Kilpi or something similar. The destination address POSSIBLY is Box 933, Hancock, Michigan.

Hilma had three aunts:
-Kaisa Kreeta Kilpelä, b. May 6, 1867, emigrated to the US 1891
-Mari Gustava Tepsa (aka Aska) Lönnquist, b.August 13, 1862, emigrated to the US (time unknown), married in Norway to Oskar Lönnquist
-Hilma Tepsa (Aska) Valkkinen, b. April 12, 1880, emigrated to the US 1901 unmarried; returned to Finland, Kuorevesi April 16, 1920 with huband and two children.

I am looking for information about Hilma and her aunts.


Erkki Kilpelä
Keskustie 24 A 3
40100 Jyväskylä

(translated by Gunnar Damtrom)

16-03-07, 15:34
In the 1910 Census for Hancock, Michigan, this is what family I found in Hancock. I'll keep looking. I have Kilpela's in my family ancestry. :)


Discover Your Family Story1910 United States Federal Census 1910 United States Federal Census
Name: Isaac Kilpelä
[Isaac Kilpela]
Age in 1910: 48
Estimated birth year: abt 1862
Birthplace: Finland
Relation to Head of House: Head
Father's Birth Place: Finland
Mother's Birth Place: Finland
Spouse's name: Kaisa
Home in 1910: Hancock Ward 4, Houghton, Michigan
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Year of Immigration: 1888
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members: Name Age
Isaac Kilpelä 48
Kaisa Kilpelä 48
Hilda Kilpelä 19
Hanna Kilpelä 18
William Kilpelä 15
Hemmi Kilpelä 3
Lyyli Kilpelä 10
Brunno Kilpelä 8
Elma Kilpelä 6
Albert Kilpelä 3

Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Hancock Ward 4, Houghton, Michigan; Roll: T624_646; Page: 22A; Enumeration District: 120; Image: 561.

16-03-07, 15:45
This is my Kilpela family in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Houghton County. My great-grandfather, John, was from Kestila, Finland.


1920 United States Federal Census
Name: John Kilpela
Home in 1920: Adams, Houghton, Michigan
Age: 52 years
Estimated birth year: abt 1868
Birthplace: Finland
Relation to Head of House: Head
Spouse's name: Mary
Father's Birth Place: Finland
Mother's Birth Place: Finland
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Sex: Male
Home owned: Rent
Year of Immigration: 1898
Able to read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Image: 65
Household Members: Name Age
John Kilpela 52
Mary Kilpela 38
Venna Kilpela 8
Ina Kilpela 6
Aili Kilpela 4

Source Citation: Year: 1920;Census Place: Adams, Houghton, Michigan; Roll: T625_768; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 111; Image: 631.

16-03-07, 16:16
Wonder if this could be your Hilma. This is a Hilda, 18 years old, working as a servant, but stated she was born in Michigan, and parents in Finland. :confused:


Karen Norwillo
16-03-07, 16:19
There's a Hilma Tapsa arriving Oct 1901 on the SS Saxonia to Boston. age 21, born 1880, going to brother-in-law Oskar hard to read, Ancestry has interpreted as Langinter, but could be bad spelling of Lonnquist, in Astoria, Oregon. I found an Oscar Lonquist on the Scandinavians 1910 census in Clatsop county, Oregon. I'll look on the regular 1910 census for him.

Karen Norwillo
16-03-07, 16:45
Here's the 1910 census for Oscar "Langquist" in Olney, Clatsop, Oregon

Langquist, Oscar, 50, married once 19 yrs. Finland, US 1891
Langquist, Mary, 46, Finland, 4 children, all living, no year of emigration
Langquist, Anne, 18, CA
Langquist, Minnie, says 1, but looks like it could be 11, OR
Langquist, John, 9, OR
Langquist, Theodore, 6, OR

Karen Norwillo
16-03-07, 17:16
On the 1900 census for Olney, Clatsop, OR the family is listed as Linquist.
Oscar born Feb 1860 is 40. The image is so written over, his first name was interpreted as Oliver, farmer. Mary's DOB is given as Oct 1864, 35. Annie S, Nov 1891 is 8, Mary W? Aug 1898 is 1. Very difficult to read whole page.

1920 same place, again as Linquist, Oscar is 60, US 1887, farmer. Mary is 56, US 1887. Next name is crossed out and written over as Momi S, 21, nurse in hospital. Must be Mary or Minnie or whatever her real name was. Jalmar (John) is 19 and Theodore is 16.

Karen Norwillo
16-03-07, 18:37
Found much of the family in the Oregon Death Index, all listed as Lonquist.

Jalmer Oscar Lonquist 13 Jan 1927 in Columbia county
Oscar Lonquist 14 Apr 1824 in Clatsop county
Marie Lonquist 5 Jan 1934 in Clatsop county, spouse:Oscar
Theodore W Lonquist 6 Jul 1955 in Clatsop county, spouse:Esther

So it appears the Langquist and Linquist were all Lonquist.

Karen Norwillo
16-03-07, 19:18
Tried several spellings of Valkkinen and came up with one possibility in a WWI Draft Registration for a Sulim Walkanin in Lincoln, Vilnas, WI, born Sep 26, 1885 in Finland. Wife's name looks like it could be Hilma. I'll let you decide.

16-03-07, 19:31
Here is Hilma's passenger record from Migration Institute.


Last name Kilpimaa
First names Hilma
Age or age group 18
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination Hancock
State of destination MI
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket USD 67
Ship from Finland Polaris
Date of departure from Finland 05.05.1909
Ship from England St. Louis
Date of departure from England 15.05.1909
Ocean Line American Line
Port of departure in England *
List and page 66/24
Remarks *

16-03-07, 19:36
Here is Hilma's passport record.


Last name Kilpelä

First names Hilma Kristiina
Other names Kilpimaa
Date of birth 23.10.1891
Marital status 1
Religion Lut.
Occupation Taloll. tr
Home parish Sodankylä
Province OU
Passport date 26.04.1909
Passport number 999
Passport valid (year:month) 5:0
Destination Amerikka
Passport issued by OU
Remarks *

16-03-07, 19:46
I found this on LDS.


Matti Ahola Pedigree

Birth: , , Finland
Marriage: 03 FEB 1900 Hancock, Houghton, Michigan

Father: John A. Ahola Family
Mother: Maria Ahola

Gustava Kilpimaa Onias Pedigree

Birth: , , Finland
Marriage: 03 FEB 1900 Hancock, Houghton, Michigan

Father: Isaac Kilpimaa Family
Mother: Maria Kilpimaa



16-03-07, 19:53
Found this on LDS.


Birth Date: 19 May 1910
Death Date: 24 Jun 1995
Social Security Number: 362-10-1850
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Michigan

Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 49916
Localities: Chassell, Houghton, Michigan

Karen Norwillo
16-03-07, 22:07
On the Oregon Marriages found
Anna Sofia Lonquist and Raymond M Hawks married 27 Sep 1915 Clatsop county

1920 census Clackamas county, OR
Hawkes. Raymond M, 28, OR, machinist factory
Hawkes, Anna S, 28, CA, mother and father born Finland
Hawkes, Raymond M, 3+, OR
Hawkes, Frances L, 1+, OR

WWII Army Enlistments
Raymond M Hawks born 1916 OR. Present home Ravelli, MT. Enlisted 18 Aug 1844 at Ft Douglas, UT. married