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18-03-07, 08:35
Here is an other meber of the Mangsen family.

Who have information about Ida’s family.

Mangsen, Ida Josefina Hermansdotter.
Born Oct 25, 1883 in V:Yttermark Närpes.
Died Sep 23, 1965 in USA.
Mangs, Herman Vilhelm Johansson.
Born Jan 12, 1844 in Ö:Yttermark Närpes.
Died 1904 in Worcester Massachusetts USA.
Snickars, Katarina Helena "Cajsa-Lena" Andersdotter.
Born Jul 31, 1849 in Finby Närpes (Närpes Kb 1846-52 p1/91).
Died May 28, 1892 in V:Yttermark.

Married to

Henrik Mangs

18-03-07, 09:17
The information about her deth date is from
Social Security Death Index (SSDI)
and these is her SSN number.
SSN 019-20-543

Karen Norwillo
18-03-07, 17:17
Only found one Ida Murphy so far in the 1930 census that looks like a match.
Murphy is such a common name, having problem matching a James and an Ida in the other years.

Sutton, Worcester, MA on Cottage Road -1930

Murphy, James J, 51, married, 28 yrs, MA, machinist tool shop
Murphy, Ida, 46, m, 28, Finland/Swedish, US 1900
Estimate marriage abt 1901-2. No children with them in 1930.

SSDI Oct 25, 1883- Sep 23, 1965 last res. MA.