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Carol Hanes
18-03-07, 14:47
Hello all. I am in need of some translation help, please. I have a brief biography of my grandmother (Johanna Sofia Simonsdter Auras), sent from my father's cousin in Finland. It appears it was part of a collection of articles published there, regarding emigrants from Finland to America. I am working on translating it myself using an online translation tool, word by word. I do not have knowledge of Swedish.

For the most part I can get the basic sense of the phrases from the online lexicon but I have a few words that I cannot find the meaning of. They are:
fröknarna [B]and försyndat.[B] To place them in context the phrases are: "Jag fick lov att säga upp mig genast. Kontors [B]fröknarna ville i alla fall att jag skulle stanna, emedan de visste att jag var mycket erfaren som spinnerska och hade aldri tidigare fösyndat mig emot deras regler."

I also have my grandfather's (Johan Jakob Jakobsson Sjöblom) biography to translate. It is a part of Anders Myhrman's collection. The language is more difficult and the article much longer so I would like to learn a bit more before I try translating it. I only have the portion containing my grandfather's biography. It was kindly sent to me by a researcher in Finland.

Does anyone know if Myhrman's work: "En samling skildringar rörande finlands-svenskar i America" has been translated into English and if so, where I might look for a copy of the work?

I sincerely appreciate any and all help.

Carol Hanes

19-03-07, 16:16
Hi Carol,
Here's translation of the highlighted words.
Fröknarna= Unmarried women
Försyndat emot=sinned against
Hope this helps you!
I don't think Myhrman's book has been translated

Carol Hanes
20-03-07, 10:57
Verna, thank you very much for the help. I am intrigued as my grandmother's story unfolds.

I have a web cam link to the Vasa town square on my desk top. I check it every few days. I see the snow has gone for now. My grandmother lived in Vasa before emigrating.

Kind regards,