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18-03-07, 18:09

I am searching for Jacob Ross, död 1791, Jomala, Aland.
I am searching for his parents and any brothers and sisters.

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Ingemar Ekman
19-03-07, 18:10
Hi David,
At http://www.arkivet.aland.fi/index.php?page=5&lang=eng&table=bouppt
I found his estate of inventory from 14 July 1779, according to this his wife is
Sara Margareta Grundström.
ROSS JACOB Capellan och pastor
d. datum saknas = (missing death date)
Bouppteckning: 14 jul 1779
Ålands domsagas arkiv, Bouppt. 1779-1780 volym 13 s. 188
g m Sara Margareta Grundström
Have you been in contact with the archive in Mariehamn?
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Ingemar Ekman
19-03-07, 19:25
Hi again David,
I checked the book ”Prästmän på Åland under 500 år” (Priests in Åland during 500 years) by Bjarne Henriksson, published 1989.
Jacob Ross born 1711 in Åbo (Turku) died 5 Feb 1779 in Jomala, His parents were the dean in Turku Herman Ross and Margareta Phihlman. Jacob was chaplain in Jomala from 19 Apr 1738 to his dead 1779.
He was married to Sara Margareta (her second marriage) born 1713 in Turku and she died 6 Dec 1801 in Turku
She was daughter to “Reg skrivare” Israel Grundström and Kristina Grundell.
Sara Margareta was married first time 1735 with the vicar in Esbo Johan Braxer dead 1742

05-04-07, 09:25
Hi David

Found the followig information for you for your search:

Jacob Hermansson Ross b. 1711 at Åbo, Finland d.5 Feb 1779 at Åbo, Finland
married to:
Sara Margareta Grundström b. ab 1746 d. 6 Dec 1801 at Åbo, Fin

Jacob's parents:
Herman Hermansson Ross b. 18 Jul 1672 at Vasa, Fin d. 29 Oct 1726
Margareta Pihlmanb.1680

Jacob's grandparents:
Herman Ross b.1636 at Vasa, Finland
Margareta Pettersdtr Jensenhausen b. ab 1650 at Vasa, Finland

Sara's parents:
Isac Erlandsson Pihlman b. ab 1680
Anna Lund d. 1737

With regards, Anita

05-04-07, 10:45
Herman Ross b.1636 parents
Father William Ross born in Scotland
Mother Wessel Margaretha Jacobsdotter

Herman had a brother Jacob b.1634 in Vasa Borgmästare i Vasa.
Jacob was merrid with Margareta Bockmöller.

Henrik Mangs

05-04-07, 15:39
Hi again David

--and thanks Henrik Mangs.

I found a William Ross b.1598 at Lauder, Berwick, Scotland d.1648
married ab. 1633 to
Margareta Wessel b.ab.1602 Vasa, Finland


June Pelo
05-04-07, 18:09
Here's something more about William Ross, father of Jacob Ross:

From Lauder, Scotland. One of his brother George's descendants Georg Ross was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. The poet William Ross is part of this family. Clan Ross once championed Norman claims to the throne of Scotland. William moved to Finland during the reign of Gustavus Adolphus, to Åbo ca 1628 to work for merchant Jacob Woollen. By 1637 he was living in Vasa and had rights to trade between Stockholm and Vasa. He became one of the richest men in the region.

William first married Margareta Jacobsdotter Wessel and had 3 children; he then married Maria Mattsdotter Lång and had son Herman, b. 1636.

William's father was Georg Ross, b. Scotland. Owned Kindeis in Scotland 1560. Took part in rebellion against King James VI Stuart in 1591 with his relative Lord Robert Ross. He was youngest son and inherited the property of Kidneys ca 1560. This property always went to the youngest son in the family. Moved to Stockholm 1617 and took son William, b. 1598. CA 1620 William moved to Åbo to work for merchant Jacob Woollen.


21-06-10, 21:50
Some comments - as I understood as a follow-up in this thread /Hasse

I have some information about Sara Margareta Grundström
I have found that some informations was wrong about in an article about her so I will give you my informations abort her.
She was born in Piteå Landsförsamling in the year of 1714 4/5
she was married 3 times
1. marriage with kyrkoherde Johannes (Johan) Braxer in year 1735 dat. 14/6 in Åbo
In this marriage she had 7 children
2 Wilhelm Ross in her 2nd marridge, no children
3 Jacob Ross in Jomala in Åland she had 6 children in her 3rd marrige

Sara Margareta Grundström var daughter of Israel Grundström and his wife
Christina Grundel. This family had 12 children. They lived in Åbo.
Among them was Sara M:s sister Anna Christina Grundström. She was born 1721 i Piteå married to one of my ancestors Johan Korsseman born in 1712

With regards Ingvar Eklöf