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18-03-07, 20:15
My grandparents and great-grandparents all emigrated from Finland to Northern Michigan in the 1890's to 1910's. The families all intersected in Kaleva Michigan, where my father was born and my mother grew up.

I've pretty much documented the American families of Filpus, Hannula and Kaskinen, but am trying to get some information on the families back in Finland. My ancestral surnames are Filpus, Tapio, Marttila, Kaskinen, Jarvenpaa, Louhelainen, Kortelainen, Hannula.

The Filpus family comes from Simo, Finland.
The Tapio family comes from Kemijarvi, Finland.
The Hannula family comes from Papinvaara, Jurva, Vaasa Lanni, Finland
The Kaskinen/Jarvenpaa family comes from Kiikoinen, Finland
The Marttila family comes from Ylistaro, Finland
The Louhelainen/Kortelainen family comes from Juuka, Finland

June Pelo
18-03-07, 22:29

Welcome to Finlander. The family names you listed are familiar to some of us, but we need to have more information. Can you list names, birthdates and places of the immigrants for whom you are seeking ancestors in Finland.