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20-03-07, 07:24
Hi there!
I'm a new member, just wanted to say hello to everyone!
I live in Finland, and my interest in this forum is due to my interest and studies in Finland-Swedish culture and folklore. It's nice to see that there is such a big interest over there as well. I hope to get some nice and interesting information by reading your forum, and of course also to be able to help and provide any "local" information I can.

All the best,

20-03-07, 08:14
Hello Tessi

Welcome to Finlander and a very happy birthday for today. Your poem (if I can think of one) is on the usual Chit Chat Congratulations thread.:) :D

June Pelo
20-03-07, 19:26
Hi Tessi,

Welcome to Finlander. I'm sure we can use your help with information. And in the Delphi forum you'll find lots of articles of interest.