View Full Version : Arne Nylund's gedcom from Munsala is on-line

23-10-03, 08:03
Hi all Talko -members

Arne submitted his gedcom material which now is on line. The material consists of

52594 People, 15986 Families, 50597 Sources, 15389 Notes

and has as far as I could understand its primary center in and around Munsala

With this contribution the total number of individuals in the database is 794.950

Thanks for the contribution, Arne - Tack!

24-10-03, 08:28
Could not find Arne Nylunds name in the Talko name list.
Is there something I do wrong or is it still not updated?
I'm anxious too see it because I think there is much interesting

24-10-03, 08:49

The preview isn't yet on the Talko -preview page - but will be there during the weekend. The whole material is in Talko for the participating project members.

"He komber, he komber sa baanmoorskon"

24-10-03, 09:36
Some day I will participate in Talko. I downloaded
the Rootsmagic demoversion for me, so that I can
find some startingpoint. I have found this forum
so good.

'Ein riik kan int äta sig na meir än mätt'

25-10-03, 12:47
Originally posted by D.Frilund
Some day I will participate in Talko.
'Ein riik kan int äta sig na meir än mätt'

Sounds nice! Maybe we will see more.

Was your father's name Fjalar Erik? Born in Nedervetil in the 20's? Browsed through the current Frilund entries and there were only one Frilund with connections to Nedervetil.

A-M Löfdahl
25-10-03, 22:53
Is Arne a member?

25-10-03, 23:21
Originally posted by A-M Löfdahl
Is Arne a member?

Yes, he is.

Roy Lager
09-05-04, 10:20
How do I get to look at Arne Nylund's Munsala lists. It used to be so easy before, but now I am more than confused. That is basically why I do not bother looking anymore.

Roy Lager

09-05-04, 16:05
Hi Roy,
Click this link to get to Talko: http://finlander.eget.net/angraf/

Sign in, then from the "Tree" drop down box, select Arne Nylund's Collection. Enter "Munsala" in the "Birthplace" drop down box and click the "Submit Query" button.

When I did the above, it returned 7,450 records. You can limit the results by entering a last name or just a few letters. Same is true with the other fields.

Happy searching! :)