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15-03-07, 00:36
Hi Chuck,
I'm new to the site too, and find poking around was the only way I figured it out! :rolleyes: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/index-e.html

When you access the main screen, go to the top of the screen where it gives an an option to SEARCH and click it (in same block of options like "contact us, help, whats new" etc.), on the next screen that comes up, there will be a place about one-third down on the page which says ARCHIVES, click on it, and the next screen will have a list of databases. There you will find an IMMIGRATION 1925-1935 database, and PASSENGER LISTS 1865-1922. The passenger lists are not searchable by names, only by knowing the name of the ship, shipping line, date of departure, etc. After getting to the database page you select, press SEARCH. Here is an example of what the passenger list page looks like.

List of Research Tools
Passenger Lists

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Passenger Lists, 1865-1922
Enter one or more search terms:

Name of Ship:
Year of Arrival:
Port of Arrival:
Shipping Line:
Port of Departure:

Specific Date
Date of Departure (yyyy/mm/dd):
Date of Arrival (yyyy/mm/dd):
Number of references per page: 20 30 50

If you have some information, hopefully the year of immigration and a ship name, type those names in where indicated, hit SUBMIT, and then you will come up on the next screen where there will be a list of all ships that came in on that date, or by that name, or by the port, etc. Select the ship, and then when you get to the next screen which has detailed info. on the ship, click on VIEW IMAGE, on the left hand side. You will then come up with the actual passenger records, page by page. There is no way to enlarge the images, and many are blurred. The only way I just found my great-grandfather's name was to right-click on my mouse, save picture as, and then view it from your computer, such as windows, adobe, my pictures, whatever. At least then you can enlarge the image and decipher the names.

Here is an example of what my great-grandfather, Vuiktor Palmgren's, passenger record looked like, and there is no way I would have found him by name other than knowing who he travelled with. He is #14 on the list of names. Good Luck, the site is not fun, but I understand it is being transcribed, and then one will be able to search by name. (That's probably when it will become a PAY site! :mad: )

Don't hesitate to ask me if you have further questions.

Best Regards,