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03-09-03, 14:56
Hello all,

My name is Brian Domander. I'm a Fire Captain in Toronto, and actively looking for my ancestors in Finland. My paternal line are from Lappfjärd (near Kristinestad) on the Baltic coast of Finland and are Swede-Finns. My maternal line appear to be from that area as well as from the Helsinki area. If you go back far enough (1700s) you get to the general area of Helsinki and north of there (Mäntsälä).

My database now has close to 400 names and I'm interested in exchanging information with anyone from the Lappfjärd area or elsewhere.


- Brian

Gita Wiklund
03-09-03, 22:11
Hi Brian,

I´m not realted to you as far as I know but I´ve noticed that there are many notes about people named Domander in old finnish newspapers, have you seen that? I thought maybe some of them are related to you. If you haven´t already check out the finnish historical newspaper library searchable on the net http://digi.lib.helsinki.fi/index_en.html

choose advance search option and just type domander in the box,
then choose the different spellings offered. Then you´ll get links to scanned pages of the newspaper pages containing the name. Under each link you see a part of the text that you´ll find in the paper.Of course the notes in the papers are on swedish, but you may recognize the names of your anscestors. If something seems interesting I could help you with the translation if you want to. I found many notes in the papers that have been of much interest for me in my research of my paternal line. Since they were merchants in Helsinki there are lots of ads and other interesting notes that for example have helped me discover exactly where they lived and estates they owned. Something that made my visit to Helsinki this summer much more interesting to me.


04-09-03, 02:44
Hi Gita!

Thanks very much for telling me about that web site! I DID take a look at that, and saved to disk many of the images that could possibly have a relationship to my family. However, from the evidence I suspect that none of the Domanders mentioned are related to me. Wonderful, fascinating site however!

- Brian

Gita Wiklund
04-09-03, 20:24
Glad you enjoyed it! /Gita