View Full Version : Tommy Ånäs' Collection on-line

23-10-03, 08:29
Another new gedcom collection is on-line from today. Tommy submitted his material which has its center around Terjärv, Nedervetil. One base material has been the Lassas book.

29016 People, 8712 Families, 0 Sources, 0 Notes

The total of individuals in Talko after this is 823.966 individuals!

Thansk for the contribution, tack.

June Pelo
24-10-03, 00:01

It's unbelievable that the Finlander database is now over 800,000 names! I know a couple of people in Finland with databases of about 400,000, but this tops them all. I just looked at Tommy Ånäs' surname listing, and it looks much like my own surname listing. And I think Arne Nylund's data will be of great interest to people with Munsala links = such as Roy Lager...


24-10-03, 16:39
I had interest in Tommy's Terjärv data. I found many common ancestors. I find much data there that I don't have in my file. It will be fun to continue to search through the data!

Thanks Tommy (and Hasse for orchestrating the whole Talko database).