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24-03-07, 15:26
I am searching for information on Heikki Karppinen, born 07 Oct. 1846, married to Elsa Maria Bisi on 23 Mar. 1866 in Liminka. Elsa was b. 7 June 1841 and I have that she died 20 Jan. 1875, I believe in childbirth as they had a son Juho, born the same date she died. They had the following children, but the last two children, Erkki, and sister Johanna Maria, were born after Elsa Maria died too. I have something wrong in my records, as I have a passport date for Henrik and Elsa Maria Karppinen 15 July 1904 from the Migration Institute. :confused: Maybe someone can help me with this Karppinen family. These are the children of Heikki and Elsa Maria Karppinen, and birthdates that I have.

Katarina b. 6 Dec. 1866 d. 26 Sept. 1867
Sofia b. 12 Dec. 1868
Jaakko b. 16 Feb. 1872
Juho b. 20 Jan. 1875
Erkki b. 15 Apr. 1878
Johanna Maria b. 25 Dec. 1881 Liminka (my great grandmother)

Passport Information:

Last name Karppinen
First names Heikki
Other names *
Date of birth 07.10.1846
Marital status 2
Religion Lut.
Occupation Suutari
Home parish Liminka
Province OU
Passport date 15.07.1904
Passport number 687
Passport valid (year:month) 5:0
Destination Amerikka
Passport issued by OU
Remarks Sp vmo Elsa Maria s. 1841

Passenger Information:

Last name Karppinen
First names Heikki
Age or age group 57
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination Hancock
State of destination MI
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket USD 45
Ship from Finland Polaris
Date of departure from Finland 27.07.1904
Ship from England Parisian
Date of departure from England 04.08.1904
Ocean Line Allan Line
Port of departure in England *
List and page 34/81
Remarks Mk Elsa M. Karppinen

Was Heikki Karppinen married twice, or do I have Elsa Maria Bisi's death date incorrect? I appreciate any help I can get on this one! I've searched Hiski, Talko, and Suomen Sukuhistoriallinen Yhdistys Ry with no results.


Karen Norwillo
24-03-07, 18:55
LDS has all the children with the same dates as you, but no Johanna Maria. All born Liminka, Oulu to Henrik Annanpoika Karppinen and Elsa Maria Juhontytar Bisinkanssa. Couldn't find Johanna listed.

24-03-07, 19:04
Hi Karen,
Isn't it funny I never thought to look on LDS. I always do when researching for others! :o Thank-you for the help. I appreciate it! By the way, I'm still searching on the canadian passenger records for you. Some of those pages are so hard to read!


Karen Norwillo
24-03-07, 19:21

I've checked every ship arriving late May to early July 1891. Some are impossible to read, but no luck on those I could.
Hiski has a Elsa Maria born matching birthday to Johan Christersson Antilla and Britha Johansdtr in Oulusalo. Is that the correct one? I found a marriage date for her parents of 19 May 1844 for Johan Christersson Antilla and Brita Joh.dr Kamola of Lumijoki village.

24-03-07, 19:38
Hi Karen,
Thank-you. I just started looking at the info. I have on Karppinen last night, and realized something wasn't quite right. I didn't get as far as looking for parents of Elsa Maria at all. I'll check into what you found on Hiski. Thank-you, Karen! :D

Cousin Denise

Karen Norwillo
24-03-07, 19:43
On LDS I found a different DOB for a Henric Karppinen of 29 Oct 1845 in Liminka, Oulu to Anna Greta Karppinen. I didn't find one with the 7 Oct 1846 date.

24-03-07, 20:05
Hi Karen,
I believe the name of Henrik's mother was Anna Margaret Karppinen, (which could definitely be Anna Greta) born 1815 in Pulkkila d. 1879 in Liminka. I'm not positive on this as I got this information a long time ago from my cousin, who got it from a Julie Beck in Chassell, so, the dates I have could possibly be a bit off. I just started trying to pull this side of my father's paternal grandmother together (Johanna Karppinen married to Isaac Fräki). I haven't worked on my father's family in a few years.


P.S. Wish I wasn't at work!!! :mad:

27-03-07, 13:24
Just found that Elsa Maria Bisi died 22 January 1916 in the United States. Now everything makes sense! :D