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June Pelo
24-03-07, 23:28
A relative in Finland is trying to find what has happened to a couple of his cousins, Karin and Katherine Klockars:

Matthias Mattsson Klockars, b. 21 May 1877, Malax, d. 8 Dec 1969, Coos Bay, Or. married to Lillie Williamsdotter Stephers, b. 1881, Kentucky, d. 1957, Oregon. They had 4 children b. in Oregon; among them was:

Burton Frank Klockars, b. 23.9.1906, Oregon, d. 18.1.1955, Alameda, CA. Don't have wife's name.
Burton Klockars Jr, b.. 12.9.1932, d. 2.2.1990, Alameda, California. Don't have wife's name.

Karen, b. 19.12.1951,Oregon, married Petersen, Powers, Oregon.
Katherine, b. 7.11.1953, Bend, Oregon married Wayne van Epps.
Craig, b. 6.11.1962, Alameda, California, married Helen Holland.

I have tried to find something for him, but had no luck. Karen and Katherine married, but who knows where they are now???


28-03-07, 18:53
Hi June,
Here is an address for Wayne and Kathryn

U.S. Phone and Address Directories, 1993-2002
about Wayne Vanepps
Name: Wayne Vanepps
Spouse: Kathryn
Address: 61346 Keelally Ct
City: Bend
State: Oregon
Zip Code: 97702-2725
Phone Number: 541-383-2278
Residence Years: 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002