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Alice Finnerty
25-03-07, 02:28

These 2 young men are my cousins (once removed). They have taken over their father's charter fishing business. My cousin David passed away from cancer about 3 years ago and his sons are stepping up to the business. David's mother - my aunt was Elsie Irene Sofia Mattsdotter Jossgark born in Esse Finland on March 5, 1910. She is the daughter of Maria Sofia Skruf and Matts Leander Andersson Jossgark. My aunt Elsie immigrated to America in 1916 with her mother and 6 siblings. She Married Joseph Kessel in 1929 and raised a family on a farm in rural Lake County. Elsie passed away in 1987. This aunt was very special and is the reason for the fond memories of the farm. She had a bit of a swedish accent - which was very cool - but then those were the days when I thought I was a Swede....LOL - but now I know the difference - I am a Swedish speaking Finn. (right Bert?)
so if you are ever in the neighborhood in the Western part of the mitt of Michigan and you like to fish - Here is a great place to visit.

23-04-07, 04:27
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