View Full Version : Finland Party rides on Truth

26-03-07, 22:51
A March 18th Florida newspaper carried this headline. It looks like Al
Gore has crossed the ocean to sell his "theory" of global warming. One wonders here in the US whether Finland is "infested " with "drive-by media", "radio talk show hosts" and whether elementary students are required
to watch his film as in some schools here in the US under threat of reprisal?

Like the old song used to opine "Say It Isn't So"

Jaska Sarell
27-03-07, 01:11
For some reason in recent Finnish parliament elections global warming was not an argued political issue. It's a scientific fact, that every party takes seriously; only the emphasis compared to other issues varies.
We tend to keep science and politics (taxes, employment, education, foreign policy etc.) separate.

Are we finlandized again?

:confused: Jaska