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31-03-07, 20:07
Hello all !
I need help with this people.Wilhelm Högdahl born 20 dec 1879 in Kållby Dalabäck as oldest son to Matts Högdahl .He emigrated to Dollar Bay Michigan in 5 march 1902.Do anyone know with whish boat he leave Finland and when ?He married Emilia Norgard in Dollar Bay Swedish Lutheran Church 16 sep 1905.Emilia have emigrated from Malax with her family.When and how?She was daughter to Mickel Vilhelm John Båtman born 28 ? 1860 (Norgard in Amerika) and Edla Martinsdotter (Martintytär) Granholm born 30 jul 1861 .All data who I can get will be highly appreciated.Thank you in advance,
Bert Lindvall

31-03-07, 20:31
I found this from the institute of migrations database:

Detailed passenger information

Last name Högdahl
First names Wilhelm
Age or age group 22
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination Houghton
State of destination MI
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket FIM 330
Ship from Finland Polaris
Date of departure from Finland 08.03.1902
Ship from England *
Date of departure from England 99.99.9999
Ocean Line Cunard Line
Port of departure in England *
List and page 28/15

Christina Nordback

31-03-07, 20:52
Tack Christina !
Thank you very much for your fast reply to my query.
Best regards from

01-04-07, 18:36
Hi Bert,
Here is Wilhelm's passenger record.


Boston Passenger Lists, 1820-1943
Name: Wm Hogdahl
Arrival Date: 27 Mar 1902
Age: 22 Years
Estimated birth year: abt 1880
Gender: Male
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Ship Name: Ivernia
Port of Arrival: Boston, Massachusetts
Friend's Name: Wiktor Ngnas
Last Residence: Hango
Microfilm Roll Number: 49

Source Information:
Ancestry.com. Boston Passenger Lists, 1820-1943

01-04-07, 18:42
Hi Bert,
It looks like Wilhelm and wife Amelia moved to Oregon according to the 1920 Census.


1920 United States Federal Census
Name: William Hogdahl
Home in 1920: North Bend, Coos, Oregon
Age: 40 years
Estimated birth year: abt 1880
Birthplace: Finland
Relation to Head of House: Head
Spouse's name: Amelia
Father's Birth Place: Finland
Mother's Birth Place: Finland
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Sex: Male
Home owned: Rent
Year of Immigration: 1902
Able to read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Image: 784
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members: Name Age
William Hogdahl 40
Amelia Hogdahl 35
Evelina Hogdahl 12
Harold Hogdahl 11
Rudolph Hogdahl 9 5/12
Herbert Hogdahl 7 7/12

Source Citation: Year: 1920;Census Place: North Bend, Coos, Oregon; Roll: T625_1493; Page: 29A; Enumeration District: 114; Image: 784.

Source Information:
Ancestry.com. 1920 United States Federal Census

01-04-07, 18:58
Thank you very much Denise ! Have a Happy Easter !
Well done .
:) Bert

01-04-07, 19:03
Hi Bert,
Here is the WW1 Draft Registration for Wilhelm Hogdahl.


World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Name: Jacob William Hogdahl
City: Not Stated
County: Coos
State: Oregon
Birth Date: 20 Dec 1879
Race: White
Roll: 1852054
DraftBoard: 0


Nearest Relative:


Color of Eyes/Hair:

Signature: View image

Source Citation: Registration Location: Coos County, Oregon; Roll: 1852054; Draft Board: 0.

Source Information:
Ancestry.com. World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

01-04-07, 19:09
Hi Bert,
I also found this passenger record for Wilhelm , but his name was crossed out on it.


01-04-07, 19:13
Hi Bert,
Here is page #2 of the manifest for New York. I'll check the final page of the manifest to see why his name was crossed out.


01-04-07, 19:24
Hi Bert,
Ignore page #2 that I sent. The final pages of the manifest didn't have him as detained for anything, so I don't know why he was crossed out on the manifest, unless he decided to take the other ship in Boston. :confused:


01-04-07, 21:03
Thank you Denise !
You are very good to find this data for me.I will forward it to our American relatives also.They are very suprised that you have find the passenger list so fast and like to thank you very much.:)

Karen Douglas
01-04-07, 21:35
Hi Bert, I have a friend in Dollar Bay who knows lots of history about the town and the people who lived there. She is also a member of First Lutheran Church, which was founded by Swede-Finns more than 100 years ago. She does not have email so I will send her the information you posted by snail mail and let you know what I find out. Also, if you and your American relatives are interested, there is a book about Dollar Bay that was written by a Clarence J. Monette. To my knowledge he does not have email either, but his address is Clarence J. Monette, 28218 Ninth Street, Lake Linden, Michigan, 49945. It is a thin book, with original photos about the town, and was typed on a typewriter. It cost about $7-$8 USD.


01-04-07, 21:47
Hi Karen !
Thank you for this information !
I will forward it to our relatives in USA .They are living in Portland and Seattle nowadays.This is wonderful !Have a Happy Easter

01-04-07, 22:09
Hi Karen !
Did you know about a Lake Superior Rolling Mills ? What kind of factory this is ? Sawmill or mining related industry?

Karen Douglas
02-04-07, 01:08
Hi Bert! I had not heard of the "rolling mill," so I looked it up in Monette's book. It states that on July 22, 1887, "Articles of Association were filed with the Houghton County Clerk by the Tamarack and Osceola Manufacturing Company. The new corporation was formed for the purpose of engaging in and carrying on the business of refining, smelting, and manufacturing copper, copper ore and other ores, minerals or metals. (page 88)

It goes on to say they were also building a rolling mill building of stone, with the intent of making "terms" with the Detroit and Lake Superior Copper Company "for the acquisition of their buildings and plant at Hancock, or would erect a melting works at Dollar Bay."

On a quick read, it looks like the plant was in operation until 1958, when it closed. I'll let you know if I find anything else.

P.S. And a Happy Easter to you, too!! :)

04-04-07, 06:21
at Swenson 231 = Michigan, Houghton County, Dollar Bay, First Lutheran
Chu. Pos Given names Surname Other data Born Parish Emi
231 2h William Norrgård Sep 29 1860 Malax Öfverby 1893
231 2w Edla Jul 30 1861 Malax Öfverby 1902
231 2s Victor Emil Dec 30 1886 Malax Öfverby 1902
231 2d Wendla Maria Apr 12 1890 Malax Öfverby unk
231 2d Elsa Sofia Dec 15 1893 Malax Öfverby unk

Perhaps these ppl are yours? I am just back from Colorado tonight.

04-04-07, 18:18
Thank you ,Chuck !
Thids is wonderful ! I have try to find this for a very long time.:) .It´s seems like I have had wrong name ,Vilhelm instead William.Thank you again .If you find more about this family I´m really happy !

04-04-07, 21:01
William is the English lang version of Vilhelm/Wilhelm so next time I am able to get to Swenson, I will check for more information and glad they are yours. Weather is a bit nasty about now so perhaps next week.

04-04-07, 22:37
Hi !
Thank you for that !
I´m looking forward for what you could find out then ! :) You are very good to find out this for me.

Karen Douglas
12-04-07, 00:32
Hi Bert,
I have just received a note from my historian friend in Dollar Bay, Michigan. This is what she writes: "Yes, the Hogdahl name is very familiar. Amelia and William Hogdahl are aunt and uncle to my cousin Gladys Norgard McCormack. I called Gladys today. She has no contact with any of the family. They had moved to Oregon and had three boys and one girl, Evelyn. William was active with the Temperance Society. When I go to the Runeberg Hall on April 21 for our annual banquet, I will check for information about William. Next week, I will check our church records for baptisms and weddings. I'll check on the Rolling Mill, too."
She also refers to a photo of the Temperance Society that I sent in to The Finlander Forum several months ago. She writes: "In the photo, second row, William is holding the child that is facing the camera and Emilia is seated next to William." Will let you know as soon as I hear anything more. Warm regards, Karen.

12-04-07, 10:30
Hello Karen
Did you could find the picture and send it again? I appreciate your work very much and I have resend the data to Janet Arkills who are grandchild to this Hegdahl and Norgard people.They haven´t had any contact with this part of family like Glady´s say,but they like to have .Thank you.

Karen Douglas
12-04-07, 18:58
Hi Bert, The photo can be seen online. It is located in the Picture Gallery. Go to the "Search" word at the top when you sign in. Type in "Picture Gallery" and click on "Show posts." The Picture Gallery will come up. Then, scroll down to the "Swedish-Finn Temperance Society, Dollar Bay, Michigan." Click on the bright letters in the text marked "Picture Gallery" and the photo will come up.


12-04-07, 22:11
I am very confused about the Picture Gallery. I do not know how to see the picture although you had a good explanation. What did I do wrong?:confused:


13-04-07, 10:32
Hi Christian !
I could not either got the picture but I find it again in my documents from earlier.I can forward it to you .

Karen Douglas
13-04-07, 19:48
Bert and Christian: I apologize. I should have double-checked my instructions before I sent them. The following is a copy of the posting Hasse sent last February re: access to the Picture Gallery.
"Hi all,

I recently added a "picture gallery" to the SFHS palette of services. Finlander members can upon request gain access to the uploading and commenting features.

The gallery will be used as a framework for exhibitions but can also be used as a place where picture mysteries can be presented for the public. Thus I have copied most of the current "recognize the picture" -pictures to the gallery.

You can find the link to the gallery via the SFHS portal page at http://sfhs.eget.net/portal

Commenting and picture adding needs a registration. A registration need to be approved by me before it gets active.

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Otherwise - take a look! June's pictures from Nedervetil is there now. The church picture exhibit over Ostrobothnian churches is there and as said - the mystery pictures.

So - have fun - and remember, if you aren't member of the SFHS yet -- now is the time."

Again, my apologies,
Karen :o

13-04-07, 21:56
Thank you ,Karen

Karen Douglas
04-05-07, 23:27
I received the following information today from an historian friend in Dollar Bay, a town in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Many Finns, Swedes and Swede-Finns emigrated to this village from Finland and Sweden in the 1800s. Source: Mining Gazette Newspaper, April 28, 1935.

"The following paper on Early History of Dollar Bay was prepared by Mrs. A. M. Schulte and read by Mr. Schulte at the recent annual meeting of the Keweenaw Historial Society:
My earliest recollection of Dollar Bay is that of a place where people went to pick huckleberries and to fish. I never dreamed then that there would be built a village which would become my home. This was something to me in the 1870s and the ruins of an old sawmill could be seen on the shore of the Bay. It was named Dollar Bay then, long before Captain Dollar became interested in lumber in the Upper Peninsula in 1880 and built a sawmill and founded the village of Dollarville, near Marquette. In the early 1880s, the Dollar Bay Land and Improvement Company, a company organized by officials of the Tamarack and the Osceola Mines acquired the land and built a sawmill. About the same time the same people under the name of Hancock Chemical Company erected a plant here and began the manufacturing of powder for use at the mines. In 1887, a terrific explosion occurred in this plant resulting in its complete destruction and causing the death of seven employees. The remains of these victims were never found. The plant was immediately rebuilt. In 1891, a forest fire threatened the plant. As the magazine was filled with dynamite at the time, it was feared that the entire town would be destroyed if the flames reached that building, and the men were all out fighting the fire, and the women and children were ordered out of the houses to the lake shore. However, the flames were stopped within 10 feet of the magazine and the town saved. Several years later the plant was again destroyed by an explosion in which two lives were lost and as in the other case, no traces were found of the bodies. What caused these explosions was never learned definitely. Shortly after this the same officials organized the Tamarack Oceola Copper Manufacturing Company and built a copper rolling mill near the sawmill."


04-05-07, 23:56
Hello again , Karen.
Thank you for all this information. I know there was a lots of Swedes and swede-Fins in Dollar Bay .Some of my wifes and my relatives have live in this willage for at least a while.Maybe only goes trough the willage and settled down in other places.BR

Karen Douglas
05-05-07, 19:38
You're welcome, Bert! I will continue to pass on anything that comes my way that pertains to this. My grandparents were only there a short time, too - from 1892 to 1910. They missed their family in Finland and returned there to live out their lives. If your ancestors were there during those years, I would guess that our families knew each other! It was a small village and a close-knit community! :)


05-05-07, 21:52
Thank you very much ,Karen !
I´m very greatful for all information I can get .:D
BR Bert