View Full Version : Any info about Riittinen in USA and Canada appreciated

01-04-07, 20:51
I would appreciate any information about Riittinen in USA and Canada,
especially about the following persons:

Hiskias Riittinen born May 1st, 1875 in Hirvensalmi, Finland,
his wife Lyydia Riittinen (Ripatti) born Jan 6th, 1880 in Hirvensalmi,
and their son Ensi Riittinen born Nov 8th, 1899 in Hirvensalmi
emigrated 1906 USA and their final destination was Duluth, Minn.
They can be found in Duluth in 1910 Census but then they disappear.

Evert Riittinen born Nov 4t, 1889 in Ristiina, Finland, emigrated USA
1913 via Quebec and the final destination was Ironwood, Minn.
He died unmarried Nov 23, 1923 "in America" but where?

There is also other Riittinen family in Ironwood City mentioned in 1910 Census:

Rittinen August 31 years emigrated 1908
Riittinen Lizzie 31 years emigrated 1910

Where the came from and what happened to them?

Rgds Heikki Riittinen