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R Kalander
03-04-07, 21:16

I am new here and look forward to meeting a lot of you.
I have been looking for quite some time to find my Great Grandfather's line in Finland. His name is Emil Kalander and he was born 30 07 1877 and I know he left Finland from Uusikaupunki approximately 1900. I know his father's name to be Kaprial (or possibly Gabriel) but I do not know mother's name.

I would be happy to even learn more about the Kalander name and it's origin!

03-04-07, 22:45
There is a Gabriel Kalander living in Taivassalo-Tövsala:
Taivassalo - Tövsala - christened
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

10.5.1836 13.5.1836 Vehax Hakala Målar. Gabriel Henricss. Kalander Eva Stina Elia`d:r 29 år Bernhard
30.6.1843 1.7.1843 Vehax Hakala t. S:ne mål. Gabriel Henrikss. Kalander Eva Stina Elia`d:r 45 år Moses (+ 29/1 -44)

His wife died and he remarried:

Lokalahti - married

Announc. Married Village Farm Man Wife Village Farm

10.8.1845 Töfsala S:ne Målar: Enk: Gabriel Kalander Lägr. p. Maria Christina Sörman Lokalax Balckis

Born in Tövsala:
27.10.1845 27.10.1845 Vehax S. Målar. Gabriel Kalander Maja Stina Sörman 35-40 Petter

Christina Nordback

R Kalander
04-04-07, 00:46
Thank you... kiitos Christina
Are there any more children listed?
Is Taivassalo near Uusikaupunki?
Emil was born 30 07 1877 Could this Gabriel maybe be his Grandfather Iso Isa?
Or father's brother?

Best Regards

04-04-07, 06:59

I live near Nykarleby (Uusikaarlepyy) but I don't know any place named Taivassalo or Tövsala here. It is a chance that he was born in Taivassalo and moved to Nykarleby later. I have checked on Hiski but did not find any matching Gabriel born there.

I know a family Kalander here and they are from Nykarleby. I could call him and check if he has something to tell.

Christian Dahlin

04-04-07, 09:04
Sorry, I did not notice the right spelling first. Uusikaupunki is NOT the same as Uusikaarlepyy. Uusikaupunki means Nystad and is located in the southern part of Finland, far from me.

Perhaps Tövsala is near Nystad?


04-04-07, 14:57
The hiski records for Taivalsalo (Töfsala) end at 1850, so I don´t know who this Gabriel is. Maybe somebody who can visit the Åbo landsarkiv can check this for you.


04-04-07, 15:10
The name Kalander makes me think of Kalanti, neighbor parish to Uusikaupunki/Nystad.


R Kalander
04-04-07, 19:10
Thank you All for your help!
This is all very interesting to me and I appreciate it very much.
Yes I have heard of Kalanti; But I cannot find it on a map is it very small?
Or perhaps near a larger city now?


04-04-07, 21:58
This is what Finnish Wikipedia tells about Kalanti:

Kalanti is incorporated with Uusikaupunki since 1993. The old Swedish name is Kaland. It is known as an independent parish since 1411.

Between 1915 and 1936 the name was Uusikirkko. (Which was news to me, as there is a parish called Uusikirkko also in the Carelian isthmus which was lost to Russia in the last war).

The population in 1993 was 3486 people.

The villages are according to Wikipedia: Alsila, Elkkyinen, Hakoinen, Hallu, Halola, Harikkala, Haudo, Haudonsaari, Hyyninen, Häähä, Inhamo, Jaakkolankorpi, Kahlonen, Kainu, Kaivola, Kallela, Kaskinen, Katina, Kaukola, Kinko, Korvenkylä (Korpi), Kuuantaka, Kylähiisi, Kytämäki, Lahti, Maurumaa, Männäinen, Orivo, Palsa, Paulahti, Pehto, Petes, Pettänen, Piitorauma, Putta, Pyrrilä, Ridanala, Ruonanperä, Saarnisto, Sairinen, Sannainen, Santtio, Siivola, Siivottu, Siuttila, Sundholm, Suontaka, Suurikkala, Taipale, Tammisto, Tuorlahti, Tynki, Uussaari, Vahterus, Varhela, Varjoranta, Vellua, Viisola, Villilä.

The HisKi database for Kalanti is at http://www.genealogia.fi/hiski/vyiq9h. Choose English and then the part of the map which has number two. Then you will get a list of the parishes of that area containing Kalanti.

The records go from 1690 to 1850.


R Kalander
04-04-07, 23:13
Thank you Sune...

This is very good information!
And explains a lot too...

Do you perhaps know any Kalanders where we could maybe get some more information?


05-04-07, 09:42
No, I haven't any Kalander aquantances.

If you want to place Kalanti on the map you can download Google Earth from earth.google.com and write "Kalanti,Finland" in the search feald. Or you can go to maps.google.com and do the same thing on line through your browser.


05-04-07, 14:55
Just download/use this link if you have Google Earth on your machine

11-04-07, 05:18

and here's another place for Kalanti - births, marriages, etc. Maybe you will get lucky there. And if another parish is required, you can find it if it has been scanned.

Good luck,


btw; http://digi.narc.fi/digi/dosearch.ka?PHPSESSID=a516797025271c29e5d70eb19302 836c&new=1&haku=purmo gets you to a search (haku) place but if you know Finnish, have no fear but otherwise the Finns seem to go out of their way to make things difficult. But then, it's government, right:)
Kalanti listing here: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=89109

R Kalander
11-04-07, 23:15
Thanks a lot Chuck!
I will check it out

17-12-07, 02:39
:cool: Hi Robert,

This is Lisa Jones again. I found the below sight helpful. I don't know if you have tried it out or now. You can click on the link below.


Markku Rosten
05-12-11, 08:15
Hello! Anyone reading this post? I`m a 49 years old man who lives in Kalanti Finland. My great great grandfather was Elias Gabrielsson Kalander ( later Lehtinen ).