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R Kalander
03-04-07, 21:48
Hello everyone!

My name is Robert Kalander and I am origionally from Astoria, Oregon
And now live in Palmer, Alaska.

I am trying to find information like all of you about my ancestors and just
found this site!

I have over the years emailed back and forth with many Kalander's from
Finland but yet have not found any direct relatives.

My Great Grandfather's name was Emil Kalander and he was born 30 07 1877
and I know he left Uusikaupunki approx 1900. I know his father's name was
Kaprial (or possibly Gabriel) but I do not know his mother's name.
I also know he had at least one younger brother named Juho (or John).

The Institute of Migration shows his birth place as possibly Uusikirkko in the State of Turku. But I have not been able to find anything more there.

I appreciate any information that any of you might have or places you could have me look. I am happy to even lear more about the family name and it's origins.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting many of you! Robert

17-12-07, 00:04
Hello Robert,

I just joined this site. Wow! Do you remember me? This is Lisa Jones, we lived together in Homer, AK and Dean Bode lived next door. I ran across your post and couldn't believe it. It has been a very long time-about 15 or 16 years? I hope your having some luck with finding your heritage.

It would be great to hear from you. What in the world have you been up to? I live in Sammamish, WA-near Seattle. I have never been married (came close) and have no children. I visit Astoria and Cannon Beach area every spring and summer. I was in Gearhart last July and stayed at the Gearheart Ocean Inn. I ran into Dean Bode who works at the Gearhart post office. He has changed quite a bit. The coast is my getaway! I love it. My parents live down on the Florida Keys. A nice place to go. I'm going to visit them for the Holidays. I'm a photographer for National Geographic. I've have seen many beautiful and not so beautiful places. It is a great job! I received a degree in Commercial Photography from NYU. Ok..well please email me! :)
ljones5055*comcast.net (the email doesn't look right, there should be an at sign after 5055, this site doesn't take it! Look forward to hearing from you! Lisa