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04-04-07, 16:14
New to the list. Looking for Mastola and Wiisanen.
Anyone with interests in those names, please contact me.

06-04-07, 17:07
Welcome to sfhs, now we shall require much more than surnames:

To where in America/Canada did they travel?
What are there genders?
Full names and birth dates and places of birth in Finland and when did they travel.

All of this can help various ppl who frequent this place to put together data to help you. We have online wizards here (not me) so give all that you know, even family stories because the old stories have been helpful in the past.

Jim Bailey
07-04-07, 16:47
Welcome to SFHS from me also.

Chuck is right about names, birth places, old stories, and so on. For example, to me and my mother (1908-1992), her grandparents were always Anna and Matts Nylund, but the old passport called her Anna Sofia Mattsdotter Pettil. Mom insisted there were no Pettils in the family! Turns out that was the farm name which they used until they came to America where it was changed to Nylund.

Additionally, when Chuck mentions "wizards", he's means it! I simply could NOT make any connection for the parents of Matts Nylund until Gustaf Sundstrom in Finland sent me the needed info. Christian Dahlin has sent a great deal more, and Chuck too has sent me copies of old church records. I am VERY grateful!

Happy hunting! :)