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04-04-07, 17:05
My husband and I will be arriving in Helsinki May 3 for a few days. I wish to go visit the Narpes area and hope to find my relatives, of the Konn-Ingstrom families. We are on a very limited budget. Any advice would be much appreciated about renting a car, and where to stay near Narpes.
Have a lovely day!
Cheryl Conn

20-04-07, 09:39
Hi Bearhugs

I can't give you any advice re your trip to Finland, as it is a very, very, long time since I was there, but just want to say have a wonderful time. I am sure you will. :) :D

20-04-07, 10:53

I suppose you are going to meet my friend Nils-Erik Konn in Närpes. Give him an extra bearhug from me! We have been many years together to Sweden for the Vasaloppet skirace and I appreciate him.

Going to Närpes from Helsinki means that a car rent would be a good solution. Our railroad from Helsinki to the north goes through Seinäjoki to Vasa, where you have to take a bus to Närpes. Not so fast way. Of course you can rent a car in Vasa, too.

Christian Dahlin

20-04-07, 15:13
Christian, I will try to find Nils-Erik Konn while I am in Finland. We have decided to fly from Helsinki to Vasa, where we will meet up with a distant cousin from Närpes. He is kind enough to drive us to Närpes from Vasa. I sent an email to Nils-Erik Konn, maybe he will respond to me! Thanks for the note!!!

Cheryl Conn