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04-04-07, 18:50
Happy Easter all Finlanders !
It seems like I have search for a wrong name before .Chuck have find that Edla (born 30 jul 1861) Granholm´s husband is William Norrgård from Malax Öfverby born 29 sep 1860 .I have had 28 sep in my data before.I have the Granholm family back to 1660 but nothing about the Norrgård family.Some have called him Båtman also but that could be the title he have. I appreciate all help with this family very much.

Karen Douglas
04-04-07, 19:27
Hi Bert,
In the written history of the First Lutheran Church in Dollar Bay, two of the organizers of the congregation in 1901 are listed as August and Maria Boatman. Two years later, a Charles Boatman is mentioned.

In 1919, I find an Elsie Norgard.

I have written to my friend in Dollar Bay. She is usually very prompt in answering so I hope to have more information for you soon.

Incidently, my paternal Swede-Finn grandparents - Edvard and Lovisa Berg - emigrated from Vasa to the U.S. in the 1890s and lived in Dollar Bay until 1910, when they decided to return to Finland.:)


04-04-07, 20:41
Hi Karen !
Thank you for your reply.I have a Elsie Norrgård (Norgard) as child to Michel William John (Båtman) Norgard and Edla Martintytär Granholm .She, Elsie, was born 15 dec 1893 .I´m not sure what name is correct for William? I´m looking forward if you could find more details.Thank you !

04-04-07, 20:44
I thought I have in my old data that they used Norgard in Amerika.

10-04-07, 23:35
William Norrgård died Sep 21, 1938
Edla died Feb 8 1941
They had married Jul 15 1882

There was a notation next to Victor Emil that he had gone 1-1-1878 to marry Mrs Lindstrom in Calumet but that date seems odd so likely I didn't see it correctly :) nothing new with that for me these days :)

Here is a scan of both page 25 and 33 of the same Dollar Bay MI church - if the dates are difficult to read, let us know which and I can fix that for you.

10-04-07, 23:42
The larger image.