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05-04-07, 05:45
A family tradition that has lived on for more than 100yrs. is the name "Lajla". Myself, Aunt, Grandmother & Great Grandmother all share the same name, pronounced "Lila". It has always been a mystery to me the origin and meaning of our shared name. Maybe the story was lost along the way, I was first told it was derived from Norway (my g.g.ma's family originating from Norway -who's maiden name was Dale [also my middle name]), but after meeting numerous Norwegian travelers was told it was not so. After more questioning of living realitives was told the name came from a Finnish novel...? I have had a difficult time finding anything at all, until I came across the possibility of a Saami origin. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would love to carry on the family tradition, but would like to be able to tell my children where their name came from and the true meaning.
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According to statistics - name bearers in Finland:

Laila - 8259 women
Lajla - 7
Lila - 301You may look up statistics of given names and surnames in Finland using this ( link.

This (http://www.gaminggeeks.org/Resources/KateMonk/Europe-Scandinavia/Norway/Norse.htm) link suggests Laila/Lajla is of Saami origin

Laila, Lajla Ancient name of Saami origin
Of course if you start feeding your fantasy then you easily end up looking towards the arabic world and the names that have their origin there. "layla" is arabic for "night". You can also see that Laila is a very popular Afghan/Persian girl's name!!

Laila: Arabic, Finnish, Persian: Born at night, nightfall; Qays, a seventh-century Arab poet, named the central character in his poems Laila.
Link (http://www.aplaceforbaby.com/ssl/Top%20Baby%20Names.htm)

The Portuguese seem to use Leila, Laila, Lila as girls' names...

In the Middle-East both Hebrew and Arabic girls get the same name:

Laila Hebrew Nightfall
Laila Arabic Born at night. Night beauty

Since the cultures in the Middle east are far older than the ones up here in the Scandinavia I would be inclined to believe that we have imported that name at some point. Perhaps the crusaders transported the name up to the north and spread the knowledge of the name some 1000 years ago?