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09-04-07, 21:19
Looking for information about Hilma Isuls, Frans Otto Isuls, Johannes Isuls from Lappfjärd.Hilma Isuls b.Sept 17 1880 emigrated in 1899 to Iron Mountain married March 24 1900 to Erland Bergfast also from Lappfjärd.They had children Einar Erland b.Nov 27 1900 and Edwin b.1905.I found them in 1920 census living in Iron Mountain,Dickinson County but in 1930 census they dont show up.They used surname Johnson.
Frans Otto Johansson Isuls b.Nov 1 1876,emigrated in 1901 to Iron Mountain,going to his sister Hilma Johnson.Cant find any person named Frans Otto in Iron Mountain.
Johannes Erik Vilhelm Nordbäck or Isuls b.Nov 20 1889 emigrated in 1909 to Iron Mountain,cant find him in census.
Any information is appreciated,especially deathdates and place.
We are driving thru Iron Mountain in the beginning of May on our trip to Minnesota,Wisconsin and Michigan.

10-04-07, 05:08
Hej Christer,
I found only 3 in the 1920 census, the boy born in 1900 was not listed so I suppose he had already left him being about 20 years old.
I checked my entire UP database and did not find the Finnish born people that you listed. The others may be found elsewhere so if you manage to find a town in Wisconsin or Minnesota, let us know here at sfhs. Sometimes ppl are not listed as born in Finland so I don't have those names - some churches in the UP may have the original black books. My relatives church in Gwinn, a Suomi Synod church had them so I was able to find my mother and her family there. Other churches such as Laestadians may have records. My father's records were found by a cousin in the Apostolic Lutheran in Republic, MI. I would recommend find the current churches in Dickinson County to see if they have the original books in their offices. If I have a chance, I will check church registers for Iron Mountain, Quinnesec, and Norway (all towns close together) and I might find somebody for you.

EDIT: I found a Victor Isuls from Lappfjard arriving NY in 1906 going to New Mexico - of interest to you? I found Hilda and a Anthelm? Bergfast name just above hers traveling in 1899 to Iron Mountain MI so that is correct. And this guy who just may fit but not much info:
Johan Isuls Laborer 26 M 10 Jul 1882 Finland Italy
He travled in 1882 on the ship Italy.


10-04-07, 07:08
HI Chuck
Victor Isuls was a brother of Hilma ,Frans Otto and Johannes.He was travelling to his friend Victor Carlson in Elvada log camp 2 but i have not found him there.Should have died in 1925.
I forgot to mention that in Lappfjärd churchbook is a note about Frans Otto "died in 1914 in Amerika".He left wife and one child in Finland and nobody ever heard of him.Perhaps he changed his name too.


Karen Norwillo
10-04-07, 15:58
Found your Johnson family in 1910 in Breitung township, Dickinson, MI.

Johnson, Arland, 34, married once, 11 yrs., Finland, US 1892, farmer
Johnson, they interpreted name as Helena, it's Hilma, 29, m.11 yrs. 3 children, 2 living, Finland, US 1898
Johnson, Aner,(Ainer) 9, MI and Johnson, Edwin, 5, MI

1930 census, same place

Johnson, Arland, 53, widow, married at 24, Finland, US 1892, farmer

I found an Einar Johnson in Crystal Falls, Iron, MI in 1930.
He's married and has a daughter. Don't know if this is yours, but I figured I'd have better results searching Einar than Edwin. There's alot of Edwin Johnsons.

Johnson, Einar, 30, married at 25, MI. parents born Finland, chief clerk, co-op store. Wife Ellen, 26, married at 21, MI, parents Finland. Daughter Fay, 3 8/12 MI

These were all from Ancestry.com

10-04-07, 16:48
Thank you Karen for this.Its definitely the right Johnsons.It means that Hilma died between 1920-1930 and probably is to be found at one of Iron Mountain cemeteries.
The name Fay Johnson is pretty unusual name too so she might be found.
I found the death date of Frans Otto Isuls or what ever name he used, Sept 13 1914, no deathplace mentioned except for " in Amerika"


Karen Norwillo
10-04-07, 20:16
The Einar Johnson in Crystal Falls is probably not your Einar. In the WWI Draft records, there is an Einar Axel Johnson, also born 1900, in Crystal Falls. So he is probably the one I found. Both he and Ellen are buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Crystal Falls. Sorry. Karen

Karen Norwillo
10-04-07, 21:03
I found two Johan Nordbacks in the emigration lists, one arriving 1907, one 1909. The 1907 Johan was 18, travelling with Alfred Nordback 21, both farm laborers, arrived Quebec 2 Nov 1907 on the Victorian, father Isak in ? Wasa, Finland, listed in Boarder Crossings Canada to US, going to Ontanogon, MI.
The 1909 Johan was 20, laborer, arrived NY Apr. 1909, Mauretania, father Johan Nordbäck, Saltvik, Aland, Finland, looks like he might be travelling with Axel Jansson, going to Erie, PA to Axel's cousin Julius Jansson. So far I can't find him in the census. I did find the 1907 Johan in Osceola twsp, Houghton, MI, a boarder in the home of Frdricka Hoppa. There are many boarders in the home, two others named Nordbeck, Charles 30 and Mat 27. Most work in the copper wire mill.

10-04-07, 22:15
The only thing I could do is to confirm that Hilma and Erland Johnson were married March 24, 1900 at the lst Lutheran in Iron Mountain so this entry confirms your data. But I did not find baptismal entries for either boy and I went thru the lists as far as Swenson had them. So I also checked the Covenant church in IM without sucess. Then the lutheran in Quinnesec with no success and finally the lutheran church in Norway MI and no success. They likely went somewhere to have the child Einar somewhere else and same with Edwin. So unless you know others places they lived, this ends my search.

10-04-07, 23:29
1910 census for city of Seattle Washington
single lodger Otto Johnson from Finland who speaks Swedish
He was born in 1876 and emigrated in 1899 (close but no cigar :)

Franz might have called himself Frank. There are a couple of Frank Johnson's on the Dickinson County naturalization listing online.

If you visit Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI, they have the records. I found my mother's father in there. Find an office on campus and they will direct you to the exact location. It is on a lower level floor but I don't recall the building. The county court houses do not have the records any more.


Finding Johnson ppl is going to be tough. Better they kept the Isuls surname:)
Good luck,
Chuck (born in dah U.P., eh?:D

16-05-07, 22:19
We visited Park cemetery in Iron Mountain and found the gravesite of Hilma and Erland Johnson and their son Edwin, all buried in the same grave.Hilma died Nov 15 1925,Edwin died July 2 1938 and Erland died July 16 1938.No gravestone but burial list gave the right position of burial plot.Looks like their son Erland moved from Iron Mountain.No Frans Otto Johnson dead Sept 13 1914 in Park Cemetery so have to continue hunting.