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K-G Molander
12-04-07, 05:23
Greetings to all.

I’m seeking to verify birth/Christening dates and places for child 2, 3 and 4.
And death/burial dates and places for child 3 and 4.

Johannes Carlsson /Molander/
Birth: 24 Dec 1851. Place: Brännkärr, Nedervetil, Vasa, Finland
Death: 11 May 1912. Place: Tast, Nedervetil, Vasa, Finland
Burial: 16 May 1912. Place: Nedervetil, Vasa, Finland

Comment: It is unclear, from information available in the burial records of Nedervetil parish, if he died and is buried in USA.

Married: 17 Nov 1872. Place: Nedervetil, Vasa, Finland.

Gretha Sophia /Andersdotter/
Birth: & Jun 1845. Place: Kaino, Nedervetil, Vasa, Finland
Death: 20 Sep 1916. Place: Brännkärr, Nedervetil

Child 1:
Emma Johanna Johansdotter /Molander/
Birth: 8 Feb 1873. Place: Tast, Nedervetil, Vasa, Finland
Death: 30 Dec 1957. Place: Dequincy, Calcaseiu, Louisiana
Burial: Place: Rigmaiden Cemetery, Dequincy, Calcaseiu, Louisiana

Child 2:
Karl Johan Johansson /Molander/
Birth: 26 Jul 1875. Place: Tast, Nedervetil
Christening: Place:
Death: Place: USA
Burial: Place: USA

Child 3:
Alexander Johansson /Molander/
Birth: 2 Nov 1877. Place:
Death: Place:
Burial: Place:

Child 4:Maria Johansdotter /Molander/
Birth: 19 Aug 1882. Place:
Christening: Place:
Death: Place:
Burial: Place:

12-04-07, 12:09
These is from Vestö Data-base.

Molander, Johan Karlsson.
Born Dec 24, 1851 in Nederby, Nedervetil.
Died .... in Amerika.
Address Överby, Nedervetil.
Emigrated toUSA 1899-..with wife and 2 children.
Molander (Skriko) , Karl Johansson.
Born Jul 15, 1826 in Nederby, Nedervetil.
Died .....
Farmer in Murick.
Brännkärr, Anna Lisa Johans,dr..
Born Apr 9, 1826 in Nederby, Nedervetil.
Died .....

Married 1872 in Nedervetil to
Kaino ( Kaitfors ), Greta Sofia Anders.dr..
Born Jun 7, 1845 in Överby, Nedervetil.
Died .... in Amerika.
Kaino, Anders Abrahamsson.
Born Mar 12, 1814 in Överby, Nedervetil.
Died .....
Måg på Kaino styrman inhyses.
Kaitfors, Brita Johans.dr..
Born Jun 11, 1815 in Överby, Nedervetil.
Died .....

Molander, Emma Johanna Johans.dr..
Born Feb 8, 1873 in Överby, Nedervetil.
Died .....
Emigrant i USA.
familjen vistats i Amerika åre 1893 - 99, var hem 1900 >1902
Married 1894 to Skriko - Backlund, Otto Mickelsson.
Born Mar 30, 1865 in Nederby, Nedervetil.
Died .... in Amerika.
Emigrant i USA 1902.

Molander, Karl Johan Johansson.
Born Jul 26, 1875 in Överby, Nedervetil.
Died .... in Amerika.

Molander, Alexander Johansson.
Born Nov 2, 1877 in Nederby, Nedervetil.
Died .....

Molander, Maria Johans.dr..
Born Aug 19, 1882 in Jyväskylä.
Died .... in Amerika
Henrik Mangs

June Pelo
12-04-07, 19:40

There is a Finlander member Roy Perkins who lives in San Francisco. His mormor was Emma Molander married to Otto Backlund. Emma died 30 Dec 1957 in DeQuincy, Louisiana and her daughter Edith was born there. She married Reese Perkins and Roy is their son. He formerly lived in Louisiana and has moved to California. I don't have an e-mail address for him, but you could try to send him a private message. He is registered under OTTOINLA. He went to Nedervetil last summer, looking for his relatives there.


Karen Norwillo
12-04-07, 21:59
I found a Maria Molander on Ellis Island arriving on SS New York 12 Nov 1899 age 18 Finn/Swedish going to brother in Edgewood, LA.

K-G Molander
14-04-07, 06:48
Thank You.

Most of the information I already had. But uncertain abouth birth dates/location for child 2, 3 and 4. I do not have access to birth records of Nedervetil parish unless I write a letter to them.

Jyväskylä?? I check Jyväskylä parish birth records in HISKI and could not find Maria Johansdotter Molander born 19 Aug 1882. Please help!

June Pelo
14-04-07, 18:02

I have a book of Nedervetil births 1725-1906, avskrifter ur Nedervetil kyrkoböcker. If you need some lookups, let me know. I don't have anything after 1906.