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12-04-07, 15:20
Hi, I'm looking for anyone with the name of Palokas, this was also my grandfathers name Jonas Palokas from Lithuania born 1891. He came over to Scotland around 1910 to work in the coal mines, he married a local scots girl and had a large family and died in 1968. He had a brother whom i believe lived in Scotland also, I'm just not sure what his name was, i think it maybe Juozas after his father? My great grandparents names were Josas and Ona Palokas her maiden surname was Milunas. I have seen a few people from Finland with the name Palokas on genealogy sites and was curious as I thought the name was Lithuanian? You never know i may have relations in Finland :)

If anyone can help or has any info i'd be very grateful.


12-04-07, 15:38
In the Eniro.fi I fund about 100 living peopels aroun in Finland.

In the site genealogia.fi i found folowing.
Henrik Mangs

12-04-07, 15:47
thank you for that, is Palokas a common name in Finland?

12-04-07, 17:27
In the are arund Helsinki you will finde about 50 in the Telephonebook, the other is around Finland.

Henrik Mangs

Jaska Sarell
12-04-07, 17:59
Phone book may list same name several times. According to the population register center site there are 41 male and 38 female persons with surname Palokas, 77 living in Finland and 2 abroad.
I think that the Finnish and Lithuanian names have nothing to do with each other, but that this is purely coincidence. Finnish name is probably based on word palo, meaning fire. There are many names with the same beginning.
As we all know Lithuanian as well as Latvian surnames always end with s.

Everything is, of course, possible :cool:

:) Jaska