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14-04-07, 20:29
We are searching for descendants of John Lahti (Leppilahti in Finland), born in Nurmo, Finland about 1884. He emigrated 9 April 1914 to the USA. He lived 1954 at the address, 196 High St, Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

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Ed Koski
16-04-07, 01:47
I have him listed in my Nurmo Passport Book as been given Passport No. 490, issued for 5 years and he was given this on March 11, 1814.
His name at this time was listed as " Talokkaan poika" Juho Leppilahti.
His birth date is listed as 1884.

It was a few years later that they noted if they went to USA or Canada when the Passports were issued.


Ed Koski

16-04-07, 10:26
This is what I Found on Ellis Island
First name Juho
Last name Leppilahti
Ethnicity Finland, Finnish
Last place of residence Nurmo Finland
Date of arrival 09 april 1914
Age at arrival 30 y
Gender Male
Marital status s
Ship of travel Oceanic
Port of departure Southampton
He is going to Conneaut Ohio for to visit his friend there Aron Langas Box 121 Conneaut Ohio. Juho has been living in Conneaut from 1903 until 1912. His nearest relative in Finland is father Juho Leppilahti in Nurmo.

MVH Kerstin

16-04-07, 10:58
In cencus 1910 he is living as a Boarder in Conneaut, Ward 4, Ashtabula Ohio.
Household members
Kersdaa Kujala 32
Lizzie Kujala 40
Illa Kujala 10
Custe Kujala7
Matt Pohto 35
John Leppelahte 24
John Vitces 32
John Kultte 38
John Hakkaraina 36
Aeelis Govanen 28
Atta Leuhonen 22

MVH Kerstin