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Matti Kujala
14-04-07, 23:28
I have been trying to break a mystery for several years now concerning one Alma Loviisa Juhontytär Känsälä also known as Kujala.

Her birth entry can be found in Kaustinen as such:
birth: 6.9.1883 9.9.1883 Tal.poika Juho Alfred Aaponp. Känsälä Matilda Matint:r 21 Alma Loviisa

Her grandparents were Aapo Aaponpoika Känsälä and Loviisa Heikintytär Juoperi of Kaustinen. On 17 April 1887 this family moved to Haapavesi, Finland.

Alma's parents were Juho Alfred Känsälä and Matilita Matintytär Luomala. They were in their mid 20's when they moved to Haapavesi with Juho's parents and other siblings.

The mystery is as follows. Alma Loviisa acquired a passport two years prior to her folks and several siblings:

Detailed passport information
Last name Kujala
First names Alma Lovisa Alfredsdotter Other names * Date of birth . .1883 Marital status 1 Religion Lut.
Occupation Taloll. tr
Home parish Haapajärvi
Province OU
Passport date 31.01.1902
Passport number 83
Passport valid (year:month) 5:0
Destination Ulkomaat
Passport issued by KOK

Here you see her listed as Kujala and home parish of Haapajärvi.

All the rest of the siblings are listed as Känsälä and coming from Haapavesi. The passenger manifest from Ellis Island of the S.S. Pretoria sailing from Hamburg, Germany on 13 May 1904 , arriving at the Port of New York on May 27th, 1904 clearly shows the mother, Mathilda and children Otto, Lydia, Matti and Kalle as being Känsälä and coming from Haapavesi going to husband/father Alfred Känsälä in Red Lodge, Montana Box 176.

A marriage certificate for Alma's brother Matti Känsälä lists him as Matt Kujala marrying Jenny Penttila. Matt's parents are listed as Albert (Alfred) Kujala and Tilda (Matilta Luomala).

So the above is what I already know. I do not need to know any more of the ancestry of this family as I have it going way back to the beginning of recorded history and I really don't need to know that much more of the family in the States unless they happen to appear in the any of the Census records of 1910 or 1920 as Kujala. What I would like to find out is where and when Juho Alfred Aaponpoika (Aapraminpoika/Abrahamsson) Känsälä/Kujala and his daughter Alma Loviisa Juhontytär/Alfredssdotter Känsälä/Kujala arrived in the USA or Canada. It is noted that Alma came to Montana in 1909 but I feel this is incorrect because she left Finland in 1902 and her first child was born in Red Lodge, Montana in 1907 according to his obituary. She was married to Matti Filemon (Harju-) Koski who was also born in Kaustinen, Finland and came to the USA in 1909....which again doesn't make sense but according to his passenger and passport records it is so. I also have a manifest image showing that Matti arrived in New York from Liverpool aboard the S.S. Cedric on 19 Sep 1909. The next three siblings were born in 1915, 1918 and 1919.

I don't have a marriage date for Alma and Matti Koski. Alma was also probably the first woman in the Roberts, Montana area to file for a homestead patent of 160 acres.

I was once told that the Haapavesi parish records for the time of the 1880's onward had been destroyed by fire. Any truth to this?

Any suggestions or help is most welcome! Thank you.

Best Regards,

Matti Kujala
Espoo, Finland
(formerly of Red Lodge, Montana, USA)

Jaska Sarell
15-04-07, 01:16
Welcome on board Matti!

I recently encountered the problem of missing church records, when searching Haapavesi ancestors for a friend of mine. HisKi's additional information (in Finnish only) tells that on fire on 31 Dec 1902 e.g. communion books 1844-61 and 1870-1902 and history books from 1863 were destroyed.
The "henkikirjat" census may help tracing family connections, but I'm not so sure if they are of any help to your problem. Their availability in the National Archives in Helsinki is beyond my knowledge except that every five years is microfilmed, a few years until 1880 also digitalized at digital archive (http://digi.narc.fi/digi/).

:) Jaska

15-04-07, 02:13
Hi Matti,
You didn't give a date of birth for Juho Alfred Kansala, but here is a passenger record, 1 Feb. 1902, of a Juho born in 1860. The passenger record is in poor condition, but at least his name and a bit of information is available on it. I'll see what else I can find. Do you have records off of Ancestry.com, such as censuses, deaths, immigration, etc. of this family?

Best Regards,

New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
Name: Juho Kansala
Arrival Date: 1 Feb 1902
Estimated birth year: abt 1860
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Port of Departure: Glasgow, Scotland
Ship Name: Laurentian
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Line: 4
Microfilm Serial: T715
Microfilm Roll: T715_251
Page Number: 2

Source Citation: Year: 1902; Microfilm serial: T715; Microfilm roll: T715_251; Line: 4; .

Source Information:
Ancestry.com. New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957

15-04-07, 03:06
Would this happen to be your Matilda?


Montana Death Index, 1907-2002
Name: Matilda Kujala
Age: 76
Estimated birth year: 1873
Gender: Female
Death Date: 15 Apr 1949
Index Number: Cas 1772

Source: Montana Office of Vital Statistics

Source Information:
Montana State Genealogical Society and Ancestry.com. Montana Death Index, 1907-2002

15-04-07, 03:19
I know you said you didn't need census records, but is this your Matti and Jennie? It might help me to trace this family if this can be confirmed. The middle initial is an "A" for his name.


1920 United States Federal Census
Name: Matt A Kansala
Home in 1920: Township 5, Carbon, Montana
Age: 26 years
Estimated birth year: abt 1894
Birthplace: Finland
Relation to Head of House: Head
Spouse's name: Jennie
Father's Birth Place: Finland
Mother's Birth Place: Finland
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Sex: Male
Home owned: Own
Year of Immigration: 1909
Able to read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Image: 714
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members: Name Age
Matt A Kansala 26
Jennie Kansala 24
Matt Kansala 4 9/12
Edwin Kansala 1 10/12

Source Citation: Year: 1920;Census Place: Township 5, Carbon, Montana; Roll: T625_967; Page: 7B; Enumeration District: 8; Image: 714.

Source Information:
Ancestry.com. 1920 United States Federal Census

Matti Kujala
15-04-07, 10:45
Hei Denise!
Yes these are the correct people. Matti Alfred was born 4 Jul 1895 in Kaustinen. He came to the USA on 27 May 1904 aboard the S.S. Pretoria from Hamburg. Jennie Maria (Penttilä) was born 19 Jan 1896 in Kaustinen and supposedly went to America at age 16 by herself. I have not found her date of entry or passport info at this time.
Matt and Jennie's son, Edwin "Eddie" Kansala, was married to my great-grandmother's brother's daughter, Mildred Elizabeth Lampi. Another son born on 17 Jun 1920 was Theodore "Teddy" Kansala and he was married to my grandfather's sister, Verna Virginia Kujala. Verna passed away last November at age 83 and was the last of the Felix and Helmi (Lampi) Kujala siblings.

Matti Kujala
15-04-07, 10:54
Hei Denise,
No this Matilda is not the same person. Matilta Matintytär Luomala was born 3 Dec 1862 in Kaustinen and died 20 Jun 1939 in Roberts, Montana. She came to the USA aboard the S.S. Pretoria from Hamburg on 27 May 1904.

Matti Kujala
15-04-07, 11:40
Hei Denise!
Juho Alfred Känsälä was born 26 Sep 1869 in Kaustinen and he died 13 Oct 1917 in Roberts, Montana. I just recieved some new information as follows: Juho Went to America January 22, 1887. Was in Maynard, Massachusetts in 1902. Moved to Roberts, Montana in 1903. If this manifest you found shows the correct Juho then it would make sense to me because it lists Juho going to a friend in Worcester. So I guess it is possible that Juho went to America first in 1887 and then returned to Finland then left again in 1902 with his family following in 1904, with the exception of the eldest daughter Alma Loviisa who seemingly left before the rest a year or so earlier.

Matti Kujala
15-04-07, 11:46
Hei Jaaska!
Now I remember reading this information about the Haapavesi records in the HisKi more about this parish section. I think what I will need to do is find some historical information about the farms in the Haapavesi area. It is a sad thing when records have been lost in this way. We know the people existed and can trace them from point A to C but it is B that holds most of the clues that are missing. Thanks!

Matti Kujala
15-04-07, 12:22
I found some information my uncle's wife sent to me back in January. It is Alma's petition for naturalization and it was stuck to the back of my great-grandparents marriage license! This help a lot but still leaves unanswered questions. According to the petition dated 24 February 1914 Alma is listed as Alma Kujala a "single woman" living in Roberts, Montana and is a cook. Her birth date is correct as 6 Sep 1883 in Kaustinen. She emigrated to the USA via Southampton, England on or about 20 Jan 1903 and arrived in New York on 29 Jan 1903 aboard the vessel St. Paul. There is written in small print under this "and not on January 26, 1900 as stated by mistake in my declaration of intention"
She declared her intention to become a citizen on 30 April 1909 in Red Lodge, Montana. It states she is not married but has one child, Uuno Werner Kujala born on March 6, 1908 in Red Lodge, Montana and now resides with her in Roberts, Montana. Uuno's obituary says he was born on 14 March 1907. This I will clarify via Uuno's two living children, Carl and Harriet. So far I haven't been able to find documentation on the St. Paul arriving in New York witht he dates given.