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15-04-07, 20:02
My name in Riina and I´m trying to find my husbands Great grandfather who emigrated to Jersey City or New York. Victor Mickelsson was his name, born 1881 in Rymättylä. He left his wife and daughter here in Finland and sent money. But after 9 years he stopped writing home. I´ve tried to find him in the census records, but he maybe lived with several workers in the same house/flat. He maybe was a Finland-Sweed or Finnish. He could speak both languages. He started as a carpenter but the adress on his last letter is printed so maybe he was working in an office?

16-04-07, 06:27
Swenson S 19 =Michigan, Luce County, Newberry, Our Redeemer Lutheran
S 19 101u Wictor Michelson Hummelgård Dec 5 1880 Öster Yttermark Närpes no emigration date and wrong db and birthplace so likely not yours. He's the only guy in the upper Michigan dbase.
1910 census has this guy but he's married and emigrated 1901.
Victor Mickelson
Age in 1910: 29
Estimated birth year: abt 1881
Birthplace: Finland
Relation to Head of House: Head
Father's Birth Place: Finland
Mother's Birth Place: Finland
Spouse's name: Johanna
Home in 1910: Rock River, Alger, Michigan
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Year of Immigration: 1901
there are many of this name and you didn't provide additional names nor did you have an emigration date.
I think some our of online wizards can add to this.
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Karen Norwillo
16-04-07, 17:04
Is this your Viktor? NY Passenger List Viktor Michelsson, arrived 18 June 1910 from Glasgow on SS Caledonia, born Rynaltyla, Finland, wife Erika Elvira Michelsson in Midelby, Finland, in US before 1903-1907 in NJ, going to friend Albert Blom 202 Orient Ave, Jersey City, NJ.

Karen Norwillo
16-04-07, 22:12
I found the Albert Blom (Bloom) in the 1910 census in Jersey City that Viktor was going to. He lived at the 202 Orient Ave. address. He and his wife Mary were from Finland and had been married 2 years with 2 small children, Annie 1 1/2 and Albert 6/12. He was a carpenter. I looked for the family in 1920 in hopes of finding Viktor, but no luck. So far the only Viktor Michelson's found near his age were both married, one in Jersey City and one in Jamestown, NY. I've tried the WWI Draft Registratio, but no luck. The only ones I found match the two Viktors I just mentioned. The one in Jersey City was a carpenter, full name Victor Conrad Michelson. The one in NY was Victor Waino. Karen

Jaska Sarell
17-04-07, 00:21
Victor Mickelson you found is the one you or somebody else already found a year ago for me. His wife Johanna Mattson was my grandpa's 2nd cousin.
Victor b. 12 May 1880 Närpes, Johanna b. 23 Sep 1883 Evijärvi.

:) Jaska

18-04-07, 19:10
Thank you for your help Hasse and others! Yes Karen, my Viktor was born in Rymättylä. and had a wife, Erika and a daughter, Berta in Houtskär when he left. His full name was Frans Viktor Michelsson, born 15.4.1881. Berta (born 1909) is still alive and she is my husbands grandmother. She doesn´t know what happened her father. Viktors sister Alma also emigrated to Chicago, but she went to Sweden later. There were others from Houtskär who returned from USA, but they didn´t want to tell what was going on with Viktor. He wrote in his last letter:"Why don´t you write back? Haven´t you got the money I sent you?" But Erika hadn´t got the letters and the money. Mysterious...