View Full Version : Lunt and Fontanne estate

June Pelo
17-04-07, 01:28
Is anyone aware of a painting by Gallen-Kallela of Ten Chimneys, the estate of Lunt and Fontanne near Genesee Depot, Wisconsin? It was donated to PBS in 1984, but they don't know what became of it. More about the estate can be found at: http://www.tenchimneys.org Lunt and Fontanne had no children of their own, and when they died, the estate went to one of Carl Sederholm's granddaughters, who wasn't too happy to inherit a place that was falling apart and had taxes. The place was to be razed by a developer when Joe Garton came into the picture, and bought the estate for a million dollars, and set out to restore the estate. He created the Ten Chimneys Foundation. The place was ready for tours in 2003. It was thought the painting or a copy of it would be found at Ten Chimneys, but nothing has been found.