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20-04-07, 10:10
Do enyone have information about these family.

Gull, Johan Fridolf "John" Aronsson.
Born Jul 5, 1888 in Ö:Yttermark Närpes.
Died Mar 21, 1936 in Florida USA.

Gull (Spelman), Johan Aron Mattsson.
Born Dec 14, 1843 in Ö:Yttermark Närpes.
Håkans (Mickels), Clara Johanna Gabrielsdotter.
Born Feb 15, 1856 in Ö:Yttermark Närpes.
Died Mar 11, 1923 in Ö:Yttermark Närpes.

Married to
Lillthors, Elsa.

Gull, Adler.
Born 1921 in USA.
Henrik Mangs

20-04-07, 16:56
at Swenson 230 = Michigan, Houghton County, Hancock, Salem Lutheran
230 7h Johan Matson Gull Jun 7 1858 Pörtom unk
230 7w Johanna Feb 25 1860 Finland unk
230 7w Matilda Söderström Gull d67c #235 Sep 9 1886 Finland unk
230 30w Mary Basset Gull May 13 1895 Pörtom unk
230 b128h John Gullans ? Jul 4 1874 Övermark 1903
230 b128w Lina Hummelgård 1881 Närpes 1901

at Swenson 235 = Michigan, Houghton County, Calumet, Faith Lutheran

235 d67c Mathilda Gull #230, 7w ? Sep 19 1886 Pörtom unk

there is one or two more question mark Gullans/Gullens but I thought to give you this because perhaps they lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and moved down to retire in Florida.


Karen Norwillo
20-04-07, 17:26
Here is the WWI Draft Reistration record for Johan Fridolf Gull. Says born July 5, 1888 in Ystermark, Finland. He is in San Francisco, CA and is unemployed.

Karen Norwillo
20-04-07, 17:41
Found him and family in 1930 census in Bronx, NY. Unfortunately, the image won't open completely to attach. Information says, John Gull, 41, Finland, US 1907,married, wife Elsie, 33, son Atlas, 6. In other documents I found, son's name was Atler.
FL Death Index has Atler Gull died 1936 Dade county, FL. SSDI has Atler Gull born 22 Dec 1923 NY, died 3 Aug 2000 Lake Worth, FL. In US Public Records, he and Mary Gull were in Lake Worth, FL. Mary Gull 1 Aug 1922 in MI, died 21 Mar 2003 Lake Worth FL. From multiple passenger lists from 1943-1945 Atler worked on ships as an oiler and wiper, whatever that is. I also found him and Mary in the FL Divorce Index. Says they were divorced in 1944. They must have gotten together again as they were living together at the same address in the Public Records at ages 85 and 84.
Here's a copy of Johan Gulls immigration arrival in 1907. Line 17.

20-04-07, 18:24
Thanks for the wery interesting information.
Henrik Mangs

23-02-08, 01:30
Henrik, do you have more information on Simon Erik Johansson Snickars B. 17 August 1879 Solf D 1 Nov 1975 Amerika? Or Brita Erika Uppgård b 17 July 1881, Sundom? Child E.E. Snickars . They are on your TALKO PROJECT Gedcom Group Sheet for Family F58096.

Simon and Brita are my husband's grandparents. I am looking for birth records, marriage records, family stories, pictures anything about the towns where they lived in Vaasa Finland.

Anything you have will be appreciated.

Thank you
Wanda L Johnson

23-02-08, 06:51
I do not have more information about Simon and Brita Snickars, all I have is on the Finlander Talko database.
The date of ther D. is the date that is declared in the churc record.
I am interested to have information about the right date. I am also interested to know more abou ther family in USA.
I will try to finde out som more here in Vasa about the ev. relativs.
Henrik Mangs