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23-04-07, 04:22
Good job, keep on posting. I want to let my children learn more skills before they go to school, so my friends recommend me that Military school for boy (http://www.military-school.org/Choice_of_Military_School/United_States/advertise.asp) and Military school for girl (http://www.military-school.org/A_Typical_Cadet/learnvalues.asp) are good ideas, I've found that it is really helpful, but I want to know whether there is any other schools for children, such as music, dancing and drawing? Thanks.

07-08-07, 04:39
Very nice I love it. Mastering more knowledge is becoming more and more important for us in our daily life and work. I have just graduated from school and I want to learn some other skills before I take a job and I think it may improve my work chance. But there are so many online courses and schools that I can't make the decision to choose which the best one is. I have only found some related sites nursing school, career builder. I wonder if you could give me some other suggestion or recommendation.

Roy Lager
26-09-07, 00:55
Military schools seem a little brash in today's world. There are many "cultural schools" for music, dancing and the arts. One just needs to look in a telephone directory. It appears as if Andy needs "Grammar school".