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24-04-07, 19:39
Does anyone have the book "American Suomalaisten Historia" handy? If so, I need information on an Erick Maki, on page 104 from the book. He was living in Gay, Keweenaw County, Michigan.

Thank-you! :D


29-04-07, 20:50
Hi Denise,

I have the book. There is not much information - only that Erick Mäki was from Kortesjärvi.


30-04-07, 04:22
Hi Solja,
Thank-you for looking him up for me. Darn, thought I would learn a bit more.:(
I appreciate it,

P.S. Do you still need help on Otto in Houghton, Michigan?

30-04-07, 11:41
Yes, Otto is still lost...

I will copy here some information, maybe someone knows something about him. You sent valuable data of his relatives, but Otto - he has disappeared.

Samuel Tobias RAUTIALA was born 6 MAY 1833 in Pyhajarvi, Oulun Laani, Suomi (Finland), and died 7 MAR 1889 in Pyhajarvi, Oulun Laani, Suomi (Finland). He married Karoliina MALINIEMI 7 NOV 1877 in Pyhajarvi, Oulun Laani, Suomi (Finland), daughter of Mathias MALINIEMI and Brita Caisa PESOLA\PESONEN. She was born 15 MAY 1840 in Haapajarvi, Oulu, Suomi (Finland), and died 17 JAN 1897 in Pyhajarvi, Oulu, Suomi (Finland).

This Rautiala genealogy data sent by Eugene Murray Olmsted I have received before (year 2003). I contacted him by e-mail, but never got any reply :-(

Otto Rautiala's (the son of Karoliina Maliniemi) birthday is either 1.5.1872 (May) or 1.6.1872 (June) - both of these dates appear in church books of Pyhäjärvi. He might have used also his mother's surname Maliniemi instead of stepfather's Rautiala. The passport date 13.05.1907 and number 926 should be correct. Someone has informed Pyhäjärvi parish that Otto has died on 12.10.1939 in USA. Who that someone was, they could not tell me, nobody knows it anymore.

Some of Otto's relatives moved to America at the same time:

His nephew Matti Virola moved also in 1907 to States, he was only 17 years. Birth date 24.01.1890 Pyhäjärvi. Died (according to SSDI) at the age of 84 in June 1974 Ontonagon, Michigan, USA. He used the name Matt Virola. Matt's father Herman Gabrielson Virola (b. 10.11.1865 Pyhäjärvi) moved to States on 22.04.1891. He died on 06.05.1936 Rockland Twp., Ontonagon County, Michigan, USA.

Also Eino Rautiala during year 1910 and Selma Rautiala during year 1907 travelled to USA. I don't know yet how they are related to Otto, but obviously they are somehow. See photo
It has been sent by Raymond Rautiala but he cannot be contacted - he has passsed away 19 Dec 2005.

The destiny of Otto Rautiala has troubled the family he left back in Finland - already hundred years. His wife had to do without his husband and take care of the three sons, Juho Jaakko, Sylvester and Väinö Otto. The person who is searching Otto is Juho Jaakko's grandson, he is my colleague at work.