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Clair Villano
28-04-07, 22:00
I have a real "brick wall" concerning a
newly discovered relative. Any hints, suggestions or ideas from your readership will be appreciated!

Johan Nestor Lautkoski Salovaara ( son of Johan Gustaf Lautkoski Charlotta Wilhelmina Villandt) was born 19 Sep 1886 in Kuusjoki, Finland, and died 17 Feb 1950 in USA. He married Unknown. From a 1930 probate document (Helsinki court):
3. to the granddaughterís son of the deceasedís motherís brother, Johan Nestor Salovaara or Lautkauski, born 19 Sept. 1886, who lives in America. (whose trustee from Somero and the Somero municipal district is Frans August Suontaan, from the Somero municipality

From Passenger records of Institute of Migration: Salovaara, Johan - Age 23

Port of departure Hanko; Place of destination Hancock MI

Ship from Finland Titania. departure from Finland 17.08.1910

Ship from England Lusitania; departure from England 27.08.1910, Cunard Line

From Ellis Island manifest records :Johan Salovaara

Last Place of Residence: Bertteli, Finland NOTE Pertteli is correct parish name

Arrival: Sep 02, 1910 Age at Arrival: 23y Gender: M Marital Status: S

Ship of Travel: Lusitania from Liverpool, England

Parish records received in Jan. 2007 say he moved to America about 1912 (sic) and give his death date as 1950. No US Census records for 1920-1930 found. Perhaps name change? No listing in Social Security Death Index for USA. Perhaps moved to CANADA?

Clair Villano

08-05-07, 05:07
When Johan is arraiving to New York on the 2 of Okt 1910 there are 2 others travelling with him. It is Karl Samminen and Karl Lahti, both from Kuusijoki. They are all three of them going to friend Erland Tupvln in Hanrok Michigan (difficult to read). Johans nearest relative in Finland is his sister Lydia Ylison in Syvšnoja, Somero. This information is from Ellis Island Manifest records.

MVH Kerstin

08-05-07, 07:15
Sorry; it shoud be Karl Lamminen, not Samminen.

MVH Kerstin

Clair Villano
09-05-07, 21:16
and thanks for reminding me of his traveling companions...it's where he went between arrival (too late for 1910 census) and 1930, when he was alive...but where???? The parish records back in Finland have him in USA dying in 1950.yet no state, and no SSDI records to match...so I'll just have to keep hoping something turns up...no doubt under a different form of his original or "selected" name...Clair V in CO