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Clair Villano
28-04-07, 23:13
My left hand is in a cast so I'm a little sloppy these days!
This week I have had 2 breakthroughs in family hunting...a local Turku
researcher found a second cousin on my grandfather's side (Willandt)! I hope to meet her in June.
And on my grandmother's side, cousin Teemu found a 1890 court document in the Turku Archives! Fascinating story of croft eviction!
For fun, here I am, with our new Mäenpää chart...for a July 1 sukujuhla in Finland...
Cousin Teemu did the creatve work, I supply the genealogy data in Family Tree Maker format.
Clair Villano, Golden CO

Mary Lukkarila
29-04-07, 04:49
Claire, where is your Mäenpää family from? I have those connections in Kuortane.


June Pelo
29-04-07, 21:00

Just wanted to welcome you to Finlander Forum. I was happy to see your name. The Forum is lucky to have you as a member.

June :)

Mary Lukkarila
29-04-07, 23:50
Thanks for the warm welcome June. This forum seems to many interesting topics for discussion.


Clair Villano
30-04-07, 06:21
Dear Mary.....my folks "lost" the name when three daughters married and only surviving son took name of his wife's family in early 1900s (Pellonperä). So we "top of hill" folks have no connection to other similar named families in USA or Finland. Clair