View Full Version : Musicians in Minnesota area?

Mary Lukkarila
29-04-07, 04:53
Can anyone name some well known musicians, past and present in the Minnesota area? We are working on a project for Finnfest 2008.


29-04-07, 22:47
there is an outfit in Brainerd which produces and sells CD, etc of musical
groups. I have bought from them but can't for the life of me lay my hands
on their address. If you are close to Brainerd perhaps yellow pages may
help. I am sure these people are familiar with musical groups in Minnesota


01-07-07, 07:04
I live here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Are you looking for Finnish musicians?

If not, here are a few present well know singers/bands:

The Jay Hawks
The Replacements - Progressive/Alternative
Soul Asylum - Rock
Bob Dylan - http://www.bobdylan.com/index.html
Bob Mould - Husker Du (Famous Punk Band)
LaVerne, Maxene, and Patti Andrews singers, Minneapolis (Past)
Prince Rogers Nelson, singer and songwriter
Jordis Unga (Rock Singer) Up and coming singer from St. Paul, Minnesota (Jordis Unga) Debute album not yet released......

Jason Kujanen

Mary Lukkarila
02-07-07, 15:23
Thanks for the list!


b hietala
09-07-07, 02:01
well... any Finn gathering is not really a Finn gathering without "Finn Hall"
you can find them on the internet... google Finn Hall