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02-05-07, 17:50
Hi! I am researching the ancestors of my Grandparents from Finland.
I've been working on it, on and off for many years and have not been able to get very far.

My Grandparents were:

Jaako Vihtori Ojanpera(?)/Niemi
(Changed name in the USA to "Victor Jacob Olson"
b. 1886 Jurva,Vaasa,Finland.
d. 1950 In Quincy,Massachusettts,USA

son of:

Jaako Matinpoika Ojanpera (?)/Niemi
b 4 Aug 1854
Jurva Vaasa, Finland
d. 14 Nov 1931


Anna Lisa Pera Eliaksentyar
b. 10 Nov 1855
Jurva, Vaasa,Finland

M. abt 1916
(prob Quincy,Massachusetts,USA) to

Marie Matilda Haapakoski
b. 10 Mar 1888
d.12 Aug 1956
Quincy,Massachusetts, USA

daughter of:

Juha Vilhelm Haapakoski
b. 3 Dec 1854

Sanna (Susanna) Tuomaantytar
b 3 Oct 1857
d. 18 Jun 1911

For many years we did not even know that "Olson" was not the real family name. Just before one of my Father's cousins passed away, she sent me a letter giving me the real information.
But - I am confused as to the real last name of "Victor Olson".
My Father's cousin had written that it was "Ojanpera", yet My research has shown that Victor's siblings used the last name of "Niemi".

My Grandparents lived for many years in the Quincy, Massachsetts area, but in the 1920's moved to the Barre, Vermont area.
Victor spent most of his time doing either carpentry or traveling throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont working in the Logging Camps.
They returned to the Quincy,Massachusetts area in their later years.

My Father remained in Vermont and worked at the Granite Quarries as a Riggger.

There are a few cousins of Victor and Matilda still in Massachusetts, but it appears that they know even less then I do.

I have checked Church records from their time in Quincy - but all the pertinent records were lost in a fire in the 1970's.

I have made contact with relatives in Finland, although I have not been able to get further information from them. They knew of Victor, but did not know what had happened to him or where he went.

But, I did find out 'why' Victor changed his name. Supposedly, "Olson" was the last name of a close friend of his that died - so he took his last name in memory of him.
Plus - before Victor left Finland he had gotten into a bit of trouble.

June Pelo
02-05-07, 19:13
Welcome to Finlander!

I checked HisKi for Jurva data, but they don't have births online yet. And the dates for marriages ended ca 1850s, so I couldn't find any of your names. I did notice that in Jurva there was a Niemenkylä, indicating Niemi lived there.

I found both Ojanperä and Haapakoski names on Talko, but none linked to your family. I noticed a Jaako Nestor Haapakoski, b. 1874 at Niemenkylä, Jurva, who died 1934 in Gloucester, MA. I also noticed that Finlander member Kiovaa had Haapakoski names listed on Talko.

I think perhaps it's true that Olson was not a family name for Viktor. His father's name was Jaakko/Jakob so his patronymic would have been Jakobsson.

You may have to contact the parish for more information about your ancestors in Finland. Here is information about Jurva. In Finnish - but hopefully you can figure it out.

Jurvan seurakunta

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02-05-07, 19:39
Thanks June! :)

I grew so frustrated with the Finnish ancestors search that I gave up about 10 years ago.
Unfortunately, anyone (relatives) that may have known of anything on the Finnish side had passed away.

Instead I switched over to researching my Mother's side of the family (French Canadian).

I'm now ready to once again attempt to gather more info.

June Pelo
02-05-07, 21:33
There are a lot of Haapakoski genealogy websites online: Go to http://www.google.com and type Haapakosky genealogy in the search box. Try the same for Ojanperä. Maybe someone will have some of the names you're seeking.