View Full Version : Pålack in Sarvijoki, Laihela

Margaret Rader
24-10-03, 23:59
Through the Talko database, it looks like I have connections with Ulla Höglund's collection and also Gören Bergland (New) Tree, among other possible connections.
Ulla's collection has taken me back several generations to Bengt Olofsson Pålack, b. 1650. Bengt Olofsson Pålack also appears on Gören Bergland's tree, ID l130862. Bengt Olofsson's grandson Bengt Andersson Pålack-Sten is my fifth great-grandfather. I previously had information up to that generation from Margaretha Lindholm. So I am fantastically indebted to these researchers.
Ulla's line appear to go through Abraham Bengtsson Sten-Orre while mine goes from his brother Anders Bengtsson Sten-Granholm. Anders was "Nybyggare på Granholm i Malax."
The Höglund, Bergland, Mangs, and Lindholm databases are great resources for Laihela, Malax, Petalax, Korsnäs and other areas of Ostrobothnia. Thank you all so much.

Margaret Holm Rader