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03-05-07, 21:54
My husbands great grandfather emigrated from Finland, Houtskari, Medelby to New Jersey. He left 1910 and his last letter is posted in Long Island City, N.Y. He thought that his wife didn´t care about him anymore, cause she didn´t write to him. But she did write to him. Viktor was born 15.4.1881 in Rymättylä, Finland. He left his wife Erika and daughter Berta (1 year) in Finland. His new addres 4.10.1914 was
Wiktor W. Mickelsson
c/o mr. Blomqvist
144 Stegman St.
Jersey City N.Y.
His daughter is stil alive, soon 98 years old. She has been very angry to his father, but I think she wants to know what happened to him.

I am greatfull for all information. We really wonder how he lived and died. He was a carpenter by the way, a sailor when he was younger.

Becky Siebold
17-10-09, 18:17
I found an August Blomquist living on Stegman Ave in the 1920 Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey Census, sheet 1A
August Blomquist age 35, married, immigrated 1905, naturalized 1913, born in Finland, parents born in Finland, carpenter
Hilda Blomquist wife, age 37, married, immigrated 1906, naturalized 1913, born in Finland, parents born in Finland
David Blomquist son, age 12 born in New Jersey
Dagma Blomquist daughter age 9 born in New Jersey
John Blomquist son age 2 6/12 born in New Jersey

In the 1910 Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey census,(this census was taken 16 April 1910) August age 24 & Hildia age 28 Blomquist are living next to Martin age 28 & Mitilda age 28 Blomquist on Palisade Avenue. Martin immigrated 1899 and Matilda immigrated 1906.

Victor arrived in New York 17 June 1910, so he was here too late for the census.

In the 1920 Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersery Census,sheet 19A:
Michelson, Victor head, age 37, immigrated 1906 Finland Carpenter
Michelson Maria wife age 37, immigrated 1903 Finland
Michelson Leonard G. son age 7 New Jersey
Michelson Charles J. son age 5 New Jersey
Michelson William son age 2 New Jersey

1930 New Haven City, Ward of City 32 pt., block number 2, New Haven County, Connecticut Census, sheet 3A
Michelson Victor, head, age 45, age at first marriage 27, Finland, immigrated 1907(?), carpenter
Michelson Maria, wife, age 44, age at first marriage 26, Finland, immigrated 1907
Michelson Leonard son, age 17
Michelson Charles son, age 15
Michelson Runar son, age 12

Becky Siebold
17-10-09, 18:24
There is a Public Tree available online at www.ancestry.com for Runar Michelson born 4 November 1917 in New Jersey, but I do not have a subscription to Ancestry to view it.

The tree name is Budek Family Tree.

18-10-09, 00:21
I found this on the Institute of Migration, I'll keep looking in ancestry.com for records.


Last name Michelsson

First names Viktor
Other names *
Date of birth . .1876
Marital status 2
Religion Lut.
Occupation Talokas
Home parish Kruunupyy
Province VAA
Passport date 31.05.1910
Passport number 3963
Passport valid (year:month) 5:0
Destination Amerikka
Passport issued by VAA
Remarks Sj vaimo ja 6 lasta.

18-10-09, 01:44
^ I certainly hope you aren't wasting time.

This thread is 2 years and 5 months old.

Maybe it would be a good idea to send a PM or an e-mail to the original poster. She may have all the information already.

Becky Siebold
18-10-09, 04:36
I don't feel it was a waste of time. I did some research in an area of the United States that I haven't researched in a while, and found some different websites that may help me in the future.

So, it was a win-win situation for me. If I hadn't tried someone else's dead end, then I wouldn't have found those other websites! :D

05-11-16, 19:01
Thank you for your replyes.

I´m still searching for Victor.

Marcy Johnson; Sorry but that isn´t my Victor.

But this other one is interesting.

Also this one:

Victor Michelson
in the 1920 United States Federal Census
Name: Victor Michelson
Age: 37
Birth Year: abt 1883
Birthplace: Finland
Home in 1920: Jamestown Ward 6, Chautauqua, New York
Street: Royel
House Number: 68
Race: White
Gender: Male
Immigration Year: 1908
Relation to Head of House: Head
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Josephine Michelson
Father's Birthplace: Finland
Mother's Birthplace: Finland
Native Tongue: Finnish
Able to Speak English: Yes
Occupation: case maker
Industry: metal f
Employment Field: Wage or Salary
Home Free or Mortgaged: Mortgaged
Naturalization Status: Alien
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
Victor Michelson 37
Josephine Michelson 34
John Victor Michelson 4

What on earth can I do next? :)

05-11-16, 20:24
And I can´t find the Budek Family Tree!

Karen Norwillo
06-11-16, 16:20
Victor C Michelson and his wife Maria and sons lived in New Haven, CT in 1930 and 1940. He was a carpenter by trade. 1940 census says Naturalized. Maria's maiden name was Maria Sophia Kultalahti. They are buried in Beaverdale Memorial Park Cemetery in New Haven. Dates of birth marked unknown, death for Victor 11 Sep 1961, for Maria (Marie) 17 Feb 1975. Son Carl (Charles) J Michelson 8 Oct 1914-30 Nov 2002. His wife Lillian is also buried there. Son Runar William Michelson 11 Apr 1917-22 Jun 1991 Palm Beach, FL. He married Alice Marie Gallagher 28 Sep 1946 in Cumberland, NC. He was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. I hope this is your Victor.

Karen Norwillo
06-11-16, 16:45
Son Leonard C Michelson 28 Oct 1912-30 Oct 2001 Penfield, NY. Wife Ada Irene Jardine 27 Aug 1915 Manchester, England-22 Dec 1998 Los Angeles, CA. Clue from brother Carl's obituary.

Karen Norwillo
06-11-16, 23:05
Runar William Michelson died in Lake Worth, Palm Beach, FL. Wife Alice Marie 1 Jul 1926 CT-27 Nov 1989 Lake Worth, Palm Beach, FL. Must have retired to FL.

Karen Norwillo
07-11-16, 14:48
Strangely, when Maria Kultalahti arrived in US in 1906, she was bound for a friend Frida Michelson in Bayonne, NJ. Frida was married to a Charles J Michelson from Narpes. Any relation to Victor? I notice that Victor and Maria named their first son Charles John.

07-11-16, 19:19
Karen, I noticed that too. If Marias Victor was also from Narpes, he isn't my Victor.

Karen Norwillo
07-11-16, 21:24
I've been searching for his Naturalization papers, but no luck so far. They would confirm if he is or isn't your Victor.

07-11-16, 22:56
I'm gratefull for your help. ❤

Historia last letter was written 1920. The postmarks on his letters were Jersey City, Bayonne, New York. The last ones were sent also from New Harlem (1916) and the very last from Long Island (1920).

12-11-16, 23:37
Today I fond this:
And the guy before him is born in Houtskar! Propably a co incident, they are in alphabetical order.

Karen Norwillo
13-11-16, 21:32
Here is the same Viktor Conrad in New Haven, CT in his WWII draft card. It is the same one I sent earlier. Says born Åbo.

13-11-16, 22:33
I fond that too and read on the second page, that he hade eyeglasses. I know that Victor hade eyeglasses, he wrote in his letters that he hade problems with his eyes and got glasses.
Also Åbo matches him; he spoke swedish with his family in Finland, near Åbo. I really hope this is Victor.

28-01-17, 17:45
My friend sent me this

28-01-17, 19:57
I think this Selma (orig. Alma) was Victor's sister.
Now I found his

Victor last letter home came 1920.

31-01-17, 08:13
Information from https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:2WYR-TFH :
Frank Victor Mickelson
New York, New York City Municipal Deaths
Name Frank Victor Mickelson
Event Type Death
Event Date 21 Feb 1931
Event Place New York City, Queens, New York, United States
Gender Male
Age 50
Marital Status Unknown
Race White
Birth Year (Estimated) 1881
Frame Number 1473

22-03-18, 22:04
I´ve been contacted by Runar Michelson´s daughterin in USA! Unfortunately we have´t been able to confirm yet, that her grandfather was the same Victor as mine. I hope she will find some old photos or something. :)