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Rodney K. Hasting
05-05-07, 18:13
Hello to all members;
I am Rodney K. Hasting, age 58, single, born in Greenrock, Illinois, in 1948, and retired. I have lived in Illinois, California, Oregon and now living in Maquoketa, Iowa. My father was Robert L. Hasting, and mother Yarda (Nyberg) Hasting. I am one of some 200 Nyberg family members here in the U.S.A. I have recently lost two uncles, and one aunt, and my mother last june, and find myself on a quest of locating all family members, and their history, on both sides. On my fathers side, Hasting, my father had dropped the S at the end of his surname, but have traced his family back to the early years in Norway. On my mother's side, can not reach further back than Anders Nyberg in Lapptask, Finland. What I have read thus far on SFHS, it is a friendly group of members, helping each other with researching families. I have suffed the genealogy sites upon the web, and SFHS, is the most impresive site available today. I am still learning about SFHS, using the bibilcal method, seek and you shall find. I can't seam to find, where to view the replies of my postings, as I now have 3, but will keep searching. I had one OOPS so far, I had hit the post bar twice, and have two of the same. I just would like to say, I am hoping I fit in with your group, as I will do my best. Rodney K. Hasting