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05-05-07, 20:49
Hello Friends!
It is wonderful to finally get the opportunity to post at this forum. It seems to be a great place to learn about and enjoy Finnish culture and our Finnish relatives.
I live in Nevada with my husband, son and daughter.
My paternal grandmother's parents came from Finland. My great-grandfather (Anders Gustav Andersinpka Bjorklund) was born in Sweden close to the Finnish border but he moved to Jepua at one point. My great-grandmother (Johanna Serafia Ruohonen) was born in Yliharma.
Grandpa "Gus" (b. 05.17.1876) moved to America when he was 18 and changed his name to Silfvast. His brothers Gabriel and Emil also changed their name to Silfvast. Johanna was born 08.02.1876 and came to America when she was 16. Gus and Johanna met and married in Hanna, Wyoming.
They eventually settled in Mullan, Idaho. Their children were Signe, Ida, Dagmar, Verna, Oliver and Elsie. Verna was my grandmother. :)
Family names from this line are Huhtaluhta, Anderson, Bjorklund, Silfvast, Takala, Ruohonen and Ruohomaki.

I look forward to getting to know members here!

06-05-07, 16:29
It looks like we are related, although not very closely. Your great-grandmother Johanna was fourth cousin of my husbands grandfather and third cousin of his grandmother. She was also sixth cousin of my grandmother. There are more connections than I can count. If there are any blank spots in your Ylihärmä genealogy, don´t hesitate to ask for anything I might have in my files.
Best regards,

08-05-07, 19:02
Hello Merja!
How wonderful to hear from you! No matter the miles or the distance in the bloodline, it's still a thrill to meet up with kin!
Thank you for your offer to fill in the blanks with my family research. My great-uncle Ollie paid for a genealogy report back in 1991. It's all in Finnish. He wrote in some translation but some of it is still confusing. That family is not around to answer questions. We do not know why Johanna's father changed their name from Ruohomaki to Ruohonen (the only family member to do so). I do know that her father was a justice of the peace and that she helped him in the office. She was an only child...quite a contrast to her husband's family with 9 siblings!
I don't know how much my grandmother and her siblings knew of the family back in Finland. My great-aunt Elsie went to Finland for a visit (I think it was in the 1970's) and I had the understanding she visited with relatives there. She had to know enough for that! I might even have a photo or two from that trip if I can scare them up! Nothing is labeled, unfortunately.

Grandma's family was so delightful...dancers, musicians, storytellers, bakers and interesting letter writers! :) I sure miss them!
I look forward to sharing about our families!

09-05-07, 20:02

We corresponded several years ago. I am related through the Huhtaluhta line. My father, William Kumpula, and your grandmother, Verna, were first cousins, once removed. My grandmother, Susanna (Huhtaluhta) Kumpula was a grandaunt of (Anders) Gus.

Since our last correspondence, I have, with the help of several Finnish contributors, been able to take the Huhtaluhta line back 13 generations - to 1500. I have not had an opportunity to verify all the connections, so have not submitted anything to Talko yet.

If you would be interested, I would be happy to send you that genealogy report to your private address.

Warm regards,
BetteLynn Bartlett blbartlett*colcenter.org